Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What's hot yo

Hey guys just good ole fashioned adrian here comin in on the 417 gonna drop some sick links gonna make you listen to some bands


Hardcore music:

1. East Beast <----- HOLY SHIT check it one of the best in hardcore if you like super fast super half time super mean

2. Blackhole <------ Hey guys do you dig major amazingness punk music that makes you want to punch your family in the face? Blackhole is filled with some of the best guys and some of the best songs so check it.

3. Ritual <------- not really hardcore but metalcore from the 90s but if metalcore from the 90s had been SICK so check this band out do not sleep on them even if you don't like wee wees and woo woos and stuff.

4. Surrender <----- not a band anymore but one of the best bands and the band that got me into hardcore. I jam golden noose about every day. RIP

5. Iron Born (<<<<) iron born more like iron boner more like holy shit lets two step lets half time lets jump up and twirl around a bunch. great band from Oklahoma jam it

Math music:

1. Hit Home Probably one of the best math music bands ever in the world and if you disagree lets fight 1556 clearwater circle ozark mo fuck me up fam

2. Van Gogh Sky  listen up second best band in math music and i just found out they put out a new release so i know what i'll be jamming for the next year and a half

3. Not Like Igor  Got to play with these guys when me band went on tour and they made my heart tickle and my fingers wiggle so check these fudgers out

Other Music:

1. Grammer Do you like music if so check these songs out they are my dad

2. Choir Vandals you've probably heard it already but fuck guys this is good


www.andrewlistens.blogspot.com Great review blog and always on top of making reviews and he will review your music trust me i've sent my stuff there

www.rottenyoungearth.blogspot.com do you like hardcore and dark music good check it out dad

www.facebook.com gotta get the plugs in


work ethic records HELL FUCIN YEah Blackhole's frontman's record label puts out the best stuff you'll find and it's full of hard working bands.

Waybridge Records the label that put out my emo band ran by a great guy puts out great music Missouri based but acts around the world

eunoia by Invalids

Eunoia \\ Invalids

Sherman is connector
It's a pipe bomb jobriath
J Whiting From Our Hearts We Send Thee
School Social
Ursine Valor
Far Away Cranes
I'd Rather be Driving; Skyscrapers
And Was it Worth it in the end?

Hey guys it's been a while seems like just yesterday it was winter and I paid more attention to music in the scene so lets try our hand at this here we go:

2012 release from the math rock band Invalids is chock full of guitar tapping, time signature changes, and other cool things that will make fans of the genre ooze with ridiculous tunings. Production is hella tight and song length is long enough to make this release the time length of about 420 emo releases or 666 youth crew 2011 demos. Here is a playbook replay of each and every single song without me leaving out any of them:

Sherman is connector:

x(9x+/- (-)3^4) / 5x

You've got all of the dum dum dum dum dum dum doo doo's that you could ever want, with the guitars sounding like slappy basses and the basses sounding like another guitar probably idk.


It's a pipe bomb jobriath:


O K so take a slow song that is on the radio nowadays and then throw it away and then you've got this song and you're happy about it because it's cool and look there is some twinkly parts and did he just say faculties who knows and who cares listen to that snare work.

And that's all of the songs no questions asked or else.

Favorite Songs: Sherman Is Connector but Diastole is real good too so just listen to this ok