Monday, May 16, 2016

No Love by Frontside

Frontside: No Love
1. Frontside 
2. No Love 
3. Misery
4. Get A Grip
5. Slipped
6. In My Face
7. Souls

For those of you who actively followed Long Drive Records when that was something I was doing you guys probably remember Cut Your Losses, remember their strikingly handsome vocalist Jeremy? Well this is what he is doing now. I remember being so excited to hear this release and then hearing it and feeling instantly let down...but nah in all honesty this is really good like REALLY good. The vocals are filled with both hurt and anger and the instrumentals are basically just really groovy mosh riffs and two steps...So to put it bluntly it's a hardcore record that gets you moving every time you hear it. 9/10 release for me and I can't wait to hear more from these boys. California Hardcore Coming at ya! 

Favorite Track: No Love


Home Remedy by Columbus

1. Downsides Of Being Honest
2. Toss &Turn
3. Hospital
4. Home Remedy

If you're someone who follows me on social media then you know that Columbus is a band I post about a lot, not only do these guys put out music that is both emotional and honest but they are some of the kindest dudes I've ever had the privilege of talking to. When I first got the idea to start a record label I wanted Columbus to be my first release, I nervously sent them a facebook message about releasing a 7" of "Sad Songs And Sing-Alongs" and they replied with a genuine and enthusiastic yes, and down the line when I realized I would no longer be able to afford to release a 7" they were extremely cool and understanding. When I listen to these four songs I hear well written lyrics that reflect heartbreak,abandonment and feeling lost and empty, all emotions I deal with on a daily basis. The instrumentation is equally incredible and only adds to the feelings that this ep gives overall I give it a 9.5 out of 10 and recommend it to everyone. 

Favorite track: Toss & Turn.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

...After the Fact by Hit Home

Hit Home + ...After the Fact
1. Care
2. worn
3. Picturesque
4. Opaque
5. Augury
6. Someday Find the Words
7. Unsunset
8. Lackluster
9. Vernate
10. To Heart

So I've been praying for a Hit Home full length since I first hit play on Happily Ever... This band is just beyond good. The songwriting ability of these guys is ridiculous. How can an album be so dramatically sad sounding yet so beautiful and inspiring and poetic at the same time? Guitars dance over struggling vocals, dizziness inducing drum patterns, and some of the best bass lines out there. This band just frustrates me beyond belief because they're just so good. If I could name two bands that have made me who I am today, they would be Roof Doctor and this fucking band. 
Also I'll add that it was super freaking cool to hear a new slightly different rendition of "Unsunset" which is from their split with Buttons and Mindy. (Those strumming patterns at 3:05 just make me shiver and smile) 
Check this god damn band out for the love of the god damn band. 

Favorite track: I for once can't say I have a favorite track

One time I was scheduled to play a show with Hit home in Saint louis and for about a month I was beyond freaked out at the thought that I'd get to play with my favorite band. But sadly they had to drop because of some issue. 

My Band by Roof Doctor

Roof Doctor + My Band
1. The Abyssal Plane
2. Wildwood
3.  David Haynes
4. Smotheredly
5. White Gold
6. Trust No One

Roof Doctor is probably the band that has developed me as a person the most emotionally, so seeing that they dropped a new release brought a long overdue smile to my face. Roof Doctor is the kind of band that you just want to lay down and die to, and if you've been around since the beginning of this band, you'll be as excited about this release as about all of the others. Not sure why PA has so many good bands. It seems so many good/great bands just congregate in a few areas. PA, Chicago, all of Texas, etc. 

Mark's vocals/lyrical ability has matured amazingly, and the band is almost completely reinvented from it's last releases. Breaking the trend of redoing an old song, My Band brings to the table 6 amazing new songs. So check these songs out, I can't even stress how amazing they are. This band has just never disappointed me and I'm so happy that they exist. The album is currently up for $4, and I'm going to make sure I get it whenever I get a chance, but as always you can stream the album on their bandcamp. Please check this amazing band out. 

Favorite song: White Gold

Monday, March 14, 2016

I see! The Veil Is Torn There is Hope For Us!

1. Basement 
2. Mask
3. The Wolf
4. Harvest
5. Mirror

Post-hardcore/Emotional Hardcore OKC band Junfalls' first release, (See title above), is a quick five song ep release that's chock full of good shit.
If you wanted to relate this to a main-stream band you could relate it to Defeater, but I'd rather listen to Junfalls any day than Defeater. Sick bass lines coupled with great song writing makes this a release that you'll start over after hearing it the first time. And this band isn't even that old so keep watching for more to come.

Favorite track: Mask


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wakes By Loop Line

Wakes by Loop Line
Wakes by Loop Line
Wakes by Loop Line

here's the setlist
1)Nothing About You
3)Parts Unknown
4)Dusty Keys

here's an entertaining music video for Parts Unknown (hit that link)

Loop Line is from Minneapolis, Minnesota, or half of them anyways. They've got this chill surf-y vibe mashed in with some 60's-ish melodies and the circus. For max effect you should probably be listening to this on the beach smoking some fruity flavor of cigarillos or weed or whatever you like, I guess. Anyways, they've got that Vampire Weekend-smash-beatles-smash-Temple-smash-Motion City Soundtrack stint going on and if that's up your alley way you should get with it and smash that 'like' button.

My favorite track is Grin, nothing quites get me grooving more than some sour notes with some chillin' vocal and a steady bass groove. The rest of the tracks are ill with infectious vocal harmonies and guitar diddlies so make sure to look out for these dudes with any future releases.

Imagine looking in the void and seeing whirling colors for once because of this stuff, wow.
now for the linkz

FFO: BEST FRIENDS, Motion City Soundtrack, Surf Curse                                                                      

Friday, February 5, 2016

S/T by Out Of Step

//Out Of Step||Out Of Step\\
1. Intro
2. Surfboard
3. Tooth Decay
4. Black Cat
You guessed it, Out of Step is an 80's throwback punk band who's catchy riffs you'll have stuck in your head nonstop. The entire thing is a banger, with Tooth Decay being the song with the most memorable parts. (That bass line/two step) So tuck the keys hanging off your belt loop into your back
pocket and try not to hit the crust punks when you stage dive because they'll threaten to kill you.
The release is a quick one, so check it out dorks
Favorite track: Tooth Decay

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Clique by Clique

1. Get By
2. Lil T
3. Fade
4. Pining
5. Crush
6. X
7. Medicine
Tender chord progressions and amazing melodies make up this beautiful release by this PA. band. 
(PA has so many good bands it's dumb). The 8 songs are reminiscent of that slow beautiful twinkly emo that everyone can get behind. Not a single song here is bad, so download it and start jamming, the perfect kind of songs to throw onto a mixtape for that special someone who won't care about you come next June. 
and all the friends you thought were yours 
you know they'll cut your throat in time 
it's one way to get by 

Favorite Track: Sucker

Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Road To West Egg by Terra Alive

The Road To West Egg by Terra Alive
1. Silverado
2.Sunday School
3. Lima Heights
4.Colossal Titan

Do you like experimental math rock? Vocals that sound like that one pop singer you claim to hate but secretly love? Rapping? Well nerds, I have the perfect EP for you! I present The Road To West Egg  by Terra Alive. This EP includes 4 catchy tracks that leave the listener desperate for more from the moment they hear the guitar lead just before the first vocals come in. As the album progresses it's beautiful tones and incredible melodies take over and then before you know it you've listened to the short release over 20 times. One of the coolest things about this release and Terra Alive as a whole is that the vocalist, Andres Aparicio writes and records everything you hear. (vocals,guitar,bass,and drums) Anyways to put it bluntly this is a 10/10 release for me and I genuinely believe it has something for everyone.

Favorite Track: Lima Heights

2015 Demo by BIND

//2015 Demo||Bind\\
1. No Justice
2. Capital Punishment
3. Hands of the Priest
4. American Discipline

     American hardcore is getting more and more heavy as the years go on, but a lot of it seems to be losing the actual anger that tr00 hardcore embodies. The 2015 Demo by Bind combines the new age chug-a -chug-as with the ever loved d-beat, two step, bust it parts that every hardcore release really needs. Not even all the way through the first track and I was hooked and wanting to hear more. This release picks up the energy and never lets go, slaying like no other. I feel like 2015 was a good year for hardcore that isn't transitioning to that "Not beatdown" beatdown metalcore stuff, and this is a release that needs to be checked out. 
"One Nation, Under God, with the Police above the law"
If you like bands like Iron Born, Sold Short, and Vulgar Display, you'll like this release.  
ChEcK iT OuT

Favorite Track: American Discipline