Friday, January 30, 2015

Interview with 417 band, Ritual

I got to talk with front man Kyle Roller of the new 417 Metallic Hardcore band, Ritual, who just released their Demo, Nascentes Morimur. The album, which is reminiscent of 90's dad metal, is a five track release filled with anger and spit. The band, which I had the pleasure of watching at a recent show, is well put together and has a great live sound which puts it on my radar as a must watch band for 2015.

First off, I really really dig the sound, you guys are great and I loved seeing you live at the recent Homewrecker show. How long have you guys been a band?
Well I actually am not an original member. After surrender decided they were done Tyler and Tanner decided to play around with some other sounds and jammed a lot winter of last year with some other guys. When the drummer they had wasn't working out tanner hit me up to play drums and that was probably August or September of this year. We added Cole and JD when we finally started getting asked to play gigs regularly in probably October or September

What are some influences on your music?
Turmoil, Disembodied, Bloodlet are probably the three biggest ones but we draw inspiration from all over. Chokehold, Stigmata, Earth Crisis, VOD are all bands we love to draw inspiration from even if it's not present stylistically... If that makes any sense.

I saw that you guys recently played down in Texas, how was that? I know that Texas has an amazing hardcore scene, and it's really cool that you guys got to play down there.
DFW hardcore is so awesome. We played an awesome fest for an awesome cause and had an absolute blast. We got a great reaction and got a lot of really great feedback. There are videos from almost every set that weekend and they are all so sick.

So I heard you guys have a split coming up, who is it with and when is it coming out? of life from the DFW area. It should be out somewhere between now and this summer.

Any cool shows coming up?

And Even cooler yet, all of the videos from the show that they played down in texas can be found on this facebook page: 
Facebook Page with all of them videos

But if you want to see just that amazing ritual video, here it is.

I'm telling you check these guys out. They are a band you do not want to miss out on. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Leaving Home by Old State

1. Misingno (1 in 256)
2. Leaving Home
3. It Could be Perfect
4. Go Home, Roger
5. Blend

So Old State is a band that I've played with, from Saint Louis, and I just got their CD in the mail along with a bunch of other stuff, and decided I'd give it a listen. This cd reminds me a lot of that one Have Mercy Song about Hair. Title fight reminiscent. But like. Obviously title fight reminiscent. Like hey you ever heard Old State? Yeah I love Title Fight and That Hair song's offspring baby. But anyway I digress. The music is good, and it's something that you should check out. It's not fast enough to consist of stage dives but honestly it's just like pop punk music so I get that.
I like D-beats as much as the next guy, all bands should D beat forever but eventually you just end up hearing the same song over and over and over and over and over and oh there it is again and oops some d-beats sick. But all jokes aside this is just one of those good olde fashioned emo-pop punk releases. It's really kind of good, and something that you should check out.

Favorite track: Go Home, Roger


Still by Nouns

1. Fourteen
2. I feel as though I've failed
3. Soccer ball
4. fox wound
5. closer
6. wreck
7. ghost legs
8. little slugger
9. ski mask
10. daydream
11. I still want to make you proud
12. but I can't stay here

Arkansas band Nouns released Still a while back, and this is a quick look at what is one of the more notable releases of 2014. After Still Bummed, their first major release, the band had a lot to live up to, and they met the bar and just raised it higher. With personal lyrics, wonderful sound through hi end lo-fi recordings, and great vocal types, this band throws a wide variety of indie space-rock/emo music into the world. The twelve songs each hold a personal feeling, meaning that there is not a dull moment on this release that incorporates so much sound. In all 12 of the songs, the overall vibe is a more spacey/withdrawn/ghost like vibe that really sounds amazing. Vocals are removed in the release in most parts, and I think that the recording style fits the music so well. This is a release that you need to check out, it's one everyone needs to listen to.

Favorite track: daydream

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sweet Berry Whine by Grammer

Sweet Berry Whine by *GRAMMER*

Long Nights, Walking on Lakes of Ice.
Acid on our tongues, I've Never Felt so numb
I wake up, every day. A living corpse.
Skull King. X2

One of the two or so emo/twinkle bands currently existing in the 417, Grammer put this single out a while ago. Check it out. it's great, the band is great, and they have a new album coming up, so get stoked on that. 


Path to Hell by Corkscrew

*PATH TO HELL* by Corkscrew
1. Lord have Mercy
2. Shame
3. Undeserving
4. Path To Hell
5. Abhorrence

Gary, Indiana metallic hardcore band Corkscrew's newest release, Path To Hell, is 14 minutes of pure hell. Released on Work Ethic Records, back in December, Corkscrew throws themselves into the light by showing just what they're capable of. Each track is filled with anger, Derick's vocal range and the band's musical talent keeping the listener under their trance the entire time. Metal-c0re aspects can be seen in songs such as "Abhorrence", and catchy guitar riffs are found throughout. The songwriting ability of those in corkscrew is found in the smallest parts of these songs, from the guitar solo in "Path to Hell" to the ridiculous beatdown breakdown in "Abhorrence". So check  this out, and order the cassette off of Work Ethic. This guys are great.

Favorite track: Abhorrence.


unsolved by StandStill

1. Catching Up
2. Newburgh Loves You
3. Cristae
4. Belle
5. Cosmonaut
6. Vices
7. Garden Level Apartment
8. Six Figures Getting Sick
9. Reprise

This is a release that i've had in my drafts since I made this website, and I keep hating whatever I write so I never get it published. 

But I must try. 

Standstill's 2012 release, Unsolved, is a nine track emo-pop/rock release that never ceases to catch my ear. Slow, catchy tunes keep throughout the track, and the sound is something like Quarrels and Cutters. Production value is high, and as far as songwriting ability goes, Standstill doesn't have much of a problem in that area of expertise. Each song seems well planned out and well written. Vocals include main vocalist and second vocals, all essentially clean, pop-esque singing. Mixing is well done, and this is a release you can just put on and walk away, and still fully enjoy. Guitars play what is almost rock guitar, and the only thing that really makes this an emo release is the vocals and overall feeling. This is a release however, that you'd hear on the radio or something of the such. 

Anyway this is a new (and first) segment of my reviews that I'm going to start doing called: 

okay so drums r good good job on those drum boi

So yeah that's it. Check this release out, it's really good and something you should have in your music collection

Favorite track: Cosmonaut

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Fact, Fiction, and Everything In Between by Moonassi

//Fact, Fiction, and Everything In Between||Moonassi\\
1. Frail Bones
2. Head full of Miracles
3. The Number 2 doesn't look like you
4. Momento mori
5. Running from what you've done, and what you have not
6. get a fucking bed skirt dude
7. horses never bet on people and neither do I

Texas band (Texas is monopolizing on bands i think) Moonassi is a screamo/twinkle/emo band. I got the chance to play a house show with these guys a while back, and they were amazing, so I had to check out their recordings.

The seven track release, Fact, Fiction, and Everything In Between, is quick and to the point, production is well done for screamo/skramz music, and each song is short, making this a release you can listen to multiple times. Overall feeling is like most screamo bands, helpless, and vocals screech over heavy bass lines and what are simple twinkle guitar lines. As far as drumming goes, you've got some normal emo drumming, with chaotic blast beats thrown into the mix, to give the songs a great emo-violence feel. The release reminds me of Pg. 99, The Saddest Landscape, and Malon. Check it out, it's on their bandcamp as a pay as you will, and Moonassi is a relatively new band, so be on the lookout for new stuff in the near future.

Favorite song: Horses Never Bet On People and Neither Do I