Thursday, January 8, 2015

Fact, Fiction, and Everything In Between by Moonassi

//Fact, Fiction, and Everything In Between||Moonassi\\
1. Frail Bones
2. Head full of Miracles
3. The Number 2 doesn't look like you
4. Momento mori
5. Running from what you've done, and what you have not
6. get a fucking bed skirt dude
7. horses never bet on people and neither do I

Texas band (Texas is monopolizing on bands i think) Moonassi is a screamo/twinkle/emo band. I got the chance to play a house show with these guys a while back, and they were amazing, so I had to check out their recordings.

The seven track release, Fact, Fiction, and Everything In Between, is quick and to the point, production is well done for screamo/skramz music, and each song is short, making this a release you can listen to multiple times. Overall feeling is like most screamo bands, helpless, and vocals screech over heavy bass lines and what are simple twinkle guitar lines. As far as drumming goes, you've got some normal emo drumming, with chaotic blast beats thrown into the mix, to give the songs a great emo-violence feel. The release reminds me of Pg. 99, The Saddest Landscape, and Malon. Check it out, it's on their bandcamp as a pay as you will, and Moonassi is a relatively new band, so be on the lookout for new stuff in the near future.

Favorite song: Horses Never Bet On People and Neither Do I