MO Bands/Artists

List of MO Bands/Artists
The Midwest scene is diverse and far reaching.  There is a large number of bands and there are plenty of venues/promoters to put on shows. Here is a list of bands that I have reviewed, along with links to their reviews. Everyday I find out about another band/singer from around here, so check back to find a more updated list.
(*denotes 417 band/artist)

ALIENATE YOU* - Place of Suffering- Only Truth Remains

An Enemy In Us* -The Truth Within The Story -

Blackhole* - S/T - Ledges - Deeper

BK CLUB* -Cyber Smokes

Cathedral Fever - All Pit, No Pendulum -

Choir Vandals - Darker Things -

Companion* Question Master Single -  Walk Away EP -

Conditional -Conditional-

Dirk Frazel* - Randy's Bacon

Dirt Nap* - Just Ask the boys- Oh Just A Few Boys Horsin Around

Flawless* - Something I'll Never Miss - Winter Tour Tape - Bearing The Cold -

EnJoyed* -EP one- enJoyed- 

Foxing - The Albatross -

Ghost Bike* - Ghost Bike-

Ghost Dance* - 10,000,000 B.C. by Ghost Dance -

Grammer,* - Cigarette Regimen - Awesome Knifes- Sweet Berry Whine

Grady Phillip Drugg* - Leaving Lake Wobegon - Acoustic Demos August 16th, 2014

Histories* I'm Still doing Well - Fri[ends]

Inferni* -Persistence of Vision Single-

Introvert Party* -January 2014 demos-

Jake Wesley Rogers* - Diamond EP -

Jerred Williamson* -Same Mistakes EP-

Justin Larkin* - This Bird's Only Cage Is The Sky Single -

Kaptain Krunch Cidz - #BloodBrothers-

The Kursk* - Edit -

Landon Rawlings* -Defining Regrets EP

Lion House -Drancy-

Low life*  -Demo 2014-

Mariner -Those Who Challenge The Sun-

Messengers* -Wolves-

New Madrid* - Danger Room Demos

Okkotonushi* -Sleep/Talk -

Out Of Step* -Out Of Step-

Perfect People -Midwaste-

Pizza Breath* -Demo 2012-

Present Plans* -Changing Ways-

Something Stranger -LIVING

Surrender* - i - Golden Noose

Those Dirty Eyes* -Farmhouse Sessions-

Time Walk* -Fight Back-

Tyler Stanton-Bond* -Midnight Sun-

Woodgraves - Leave Me In the Dirt - Songs 2012-2013 - I'm A Fucking Vampire