Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Drancy by Lion House

Drancy {Lion House}
1. Support the Army; Not the Assholes
2. Come Back With All of Your Faculties
3. Dooty Pooty
4. "I'm All out of HP"
5. Please return my Daniel Johnston Record
6. AGAPE? Fuck that, PHILOS

Is it just me, ruining everything?

Kansas city band Lion House is a twinkle/screamo band off of Work Ethic Records. Six songs, all on the longer side of run times, each with it's own special sound. I guess you could classify Lion House as a skramz/screamo band, but that's up to your own discretion. The songs rise and fall, soaring with beautiful dynamic changes over the kind, relaxing twinkle guitars. Vocals are interchanged between remnants of Title Fight, and the sound of the singing vocals in Malon. For Lion House, every instrument is important in the mix, Bass lines carrying the song as the guitars dance around, and the complicated drum patterns filling the mix. Usually what I see off of Work Ethic are bands that are more towards the hardcore spectrum of music, but I 100% see why Lion House is on WER. They're really good. The entire release is really relaxing, but even through that, they keep the songs intense and strong, pushing forward so that there isn't a moment that seems repeated or dull. Each song carries it's own strength and brings it's own aspect to the release, so I can't exactly say I enjoy any one song more than the other. This is the kind of release where you need to just put it on and listen to it all the way through. I'd love to see these guys live. If you like good music or music in general check em' out. Free to download, free to enjoy.