Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Changing Ways by Present Plans

Changing Ways {Present Plans}
1. Intro
2. Potato House
3. East 32
4. March is Madness, April is a Joke
5. Changing Ways
"Lol this ep sucks donkey dick"
Mountain Grove Missouri band Present Plans(R.I.P) released this five song ep way after they broke up so I mean if you're a big fan of this release sucks because you'll never hear anything else from them. I called dibs on reviewing these guys and I'm kinda glad because Kasey's review would have been, and I quote, "lol this ep sucks donkey dick".
Kasey also told me if I didn't put meme's into this review he'd fuck my mom so.
"I'll fuck u mom"
This is the kind of music you listen to at the end of a breakup with a girl that decided she didn't like you and you just can't handle it so you cry about it for a couple of years. It's like Emo music but more simple music wise. I like to listen to drums for pop punk music. That's about it. I don't understand why most pop punk band vocalists can't carry a tune, or just decide to sing in another key so much, but I guess they do that in Emo music a lot too. (At least emo music has fun music to listen to)
Andrew, Gavin, Justin, Austin
(catch gavin in the 417 hxc pits)
Present Plans goes the route of Firestarter and has an intro that leads right into the second song which is pretty much the first song which pretty much makes tracks one and two one song but anyway Potato house is a fun little song. My favorite track on this entire ep and probably my favorite song by Present Plans ever would be "East 32". I love the chorus guys, it's really catchy. If you have to listen to any one song to see if you like the rest of the release, check out "East 32". It's good. Good song. Good stuff. Grate.
Fourth track "March Is Madness, April's a Joke" has a bridge/breakdown that leans towards easycore music. And this is how I feel about easycore music: Confused. Maybe this song isn't exactly easycore at all but when I hear the bridge it's all I can think about. But it's a really cool bridge and I'll think about it and probably listen to it in the future.
What I can say that's cool about this band, is that they have some super catchy choruses like seriously, the kind of stuff that people knew at their live shows before they even released Changing Ways. Influences of this band are obviously bands like Blink 182 and New Found Glory and stuff. Not sure 100% because I don't listen to a lot of pop punk music (Unless you include the new The Wonder Years and Modern Baseball and such)
Okay so when it gets down to it, if you don't like the genre, this is not a release for you to look at to try to get into the music. If you do like the genre, check out "East 32" and see if you like it, and if you do, check out the rest of the songs. C-
Pop Punk music (sometimes) sucks

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