Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Half of a Good Plan by GIN WAR

//Half of a Good Plan||GIN WAR\\
1. In A Box
2. Honest
3. Wink
4. Disconnected

and i won't sleep a wink 
till you're in my lungs 
and on my breath 
i won't feel alive 
till you're in my life 
i'll be dying

Out through American Scream Records,  New Jersey alternative rock band GIN WAR's four song release, Half of A Good Plan showcases what these guys can do. Radio ready with catchy choruses and instrumentation, GIN WAR plays four solid tracks that you'll have stuck in your head for a while.
Reminds me of a lighter Darker Things by Choir Vandals. 
This band is a lot of fun in my opinion, instrumentation (Four Piece) (Guitar/guitar/drums/bass/vocals/vocals) is well done and relaxing, simple, but good; each person playing off one another and forming a really solid sound. As far as vocals go, Brandon and Mike's vocals are silky smooth, blanketing the top of each song.
There is certainly a pop aspect to this release, the catchy-ness and just the way the singing and guitars sound. Some super catchy riffs guys.  Time wise, this is a shorter release, and when you download it, you get a BONUS TRACK!)!)!?!@!@!@#!!!! wow coool bonus track

Bonus track guys. It's a catchy cool acoustic song so if you like what you hear, download the release and get the BONUS(!!!!!) track while you can. 

Favorite Song: Honest