Tuesday, April 5, 2016

...After the Fact by Hit Home

Hit Home + ...After the Fact
1. Care
2. worn
3. Picturesque
4. Opaque
5. Augury
6. Someday Find the Words
7. Unsunset
8. Lackluster
9. Vernate
10. To Heart

So I've been praying for a Hit Home full length since I first hit play on Happily Ever... This band is just beyond good. The songwriting ability of these guys is ridiculous. How can an album be so dramatically sad sounding yet so beautiful and inspiring and poetic at the same time? Guitars dance over struggling vocals, dizziness inducing drum patterns, and some of the best bass lines out there. This band just frustrates me beyond belief because they're just so good. If I could name two bands that have made me who I am today, they would be Roof Doctor and this fucking band. 
Also I'll add that it was super freaking cool to hear a new slightly different rendition of "Unsunset" which is from their split with Buttons and Mindy. (Those strumming patterns at 3:05 just make me shiver and smile) 
Check this god damn band out for the love of the god damn band. 

Favorite track: I for once can't say I have a favorite track

One time I was scheduled to play a show with Hit home in Saint louis and for about a month I was beyond freaked out at the thought that I'd get to play with my favorite band. But sadly they had to drop because of some issue. 

My Band by Roof Doctor

Roof Doctor + My Band
1. The Abyssal Plane
2. Wildwood
3.  David Haynes
4. Smotheredly
5. White Gold
6. Trust No One

Roof Doctor is probably the band that has developed me as a person the most emotionally, so seeing that they dropped a new release brought a long overdue smile to my face. Roof Doctor is the kind of band that you just want to lay down and die to, and if you've been around since the beginning of this band, you'll be as excited about this release as about all of the others. Not sure why PA has so many good bands. It seems so many good/great bands just congregate in a few areas. PA, Chicago, all of Texas, etc. 

Mark's vocals/lyrical ability has matured amazingly, and the band is almost completely reinvented from it's last releases. Breaking the trend of redoing an old song, My Band brings to the table 6 amazing new songs. So check these songs out, I can't even stress how amazing they are. This band has just never disappointed me and I'm so happy that they exist. The album is currently up for $4, and I'm going to make sure I get it whenever I get a chance, but as always you can stream the album on their bandcamp. Please check this amazing band out. 

Favorite song: White Gold