Friday, January 31, 2014

This Bird's Only Cage Is The Sky by Justin Larkin

This Bird's Only Cage Is The Sky | Justin Larkin

Justin Larkin is a local 417 singer and when he asked me to review a song he recorded in his basement, I expected to find a lo-fi acoustic recording. What I found instead is a high quality, well produced and recorded song. "This Bird's Only Cage Is The Sky" starts off as one of those normal acoustic songs, but evolves into much more. Featured is bass, flute, violin, and female background vocals. Justin's voice is smooth and beautiful to listen to, you find this kind of singing on mainstream radios. Just listening to this song made me happy. This entire song sounds radio ready and it's amazing to think that it was recorded in Justin's basement. Definitely check it out, it's something that I really enjoyed hearing. 

Ledges by Blackhole

Ledges | Blackhole
1. Intro/ The blackhole
2. Frames
3. Crosstica
4. 5/22
5. Wolves In Pigs Clothing
6. Ledges

Not sure how I haven't already reviewed this release, Ledges by Blackhole is an amazing hardcore release. Their sophomore release, Ledges shows the same angry be who you are, don't listen to others, aspects as Blackhole's self titled release did. This is the release I listen to whenever I want to get pumped before I go play a show. Run times are short, the first five songs lasting around 1 minute each, and "Ledges" clocking in above 3 minutes. I showed this release to my non-hardcore/progressive rock loving military brother, and it was even something that he could get into. Production value is DIY, but it's on the good side of DIY, so you can clearly differentiate between all the instruments/Hal's voice. Great release, must have.

Favorite track: Ledges

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Edit by The Kursk

Edit | The Kursk
1. Cleave
2. Ice Cream Shop
3. Crushin' Cousins
4. Radio
5. If You

Blues rockish band hailing from the 417,  The Kursk's release is chock filled with mid 20th century instrumentation and vocals/lyrics. Production value of this release is really well done on a whole, and even though I don't listen to a lot of this kind of music, I found myself really enjoying the sound of The Kursk. You get a lot of blues-esq riffs throughout the songs, and the bass lines are wonderful to listen to. The vocals are great, the singer really knows how to sing, and everyone seems skilled at the instruments they play.  The song writing is good, and I can differentiate each song easily by instrumentation, making it not feel like there is just one huge song. Lyric wise, the songs seem a little young, the kind of stuff you'd find on the radio (pre-swearing radio). The entire release has a blithely feel to it, and it's a great listen, check it out. Really well done. 

Favorite Track: If You


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Evident by Evident

evident | evident
1.It Never Goes Away
2. It's Over
3. How Long?
4. Time
    Evident is a local band from San Antonio that plays this cool blend of Post Hardcore/Emo music. I'm getting this Flawless (Local 417 band) feel. The songs are slow and melodic, with emo and pop punk influenced guitar riffs. Vocals are a mixture of deep/mid range cleans and scratchy mid range screams. Run times are average length, and production is very well done. What's sticking out to me most would be both the lyrics and the drums, both something that you can zone out on and pay sole attention to; not to say that the rest of the instrumentation isn't good, because it is good. This is a really good release on a whole that should be listened to. Sadly, Evident announced on their Facebook page that they are going to be calling it quits and playing a last show. If you're from around where they are, I wouldn't miss it at all. I'm really digging these guys and I'm sad to hear that they aren't going to be making any more music under this band name. 

Favorite Track: Time

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Runaway EP by Second To Last

Runaway EP by Second To Last
1. Runaway
2. Higher Knowledge

Second To Last is a Pop Punk band from Northern California. Runaway EP is their first release from back in 2010. I reviewed this release because before my friend Kasey crashed his car, this was the only cassette he had, and we'd listen to it all the time. Catchy chorus, sweet guitar riff, pop punk drum beats. Production value of this release is really good, and even though it's just one of those generic pop punk releases, it is something that is worth a listen. Besides, it's only two songs at like a total of 6 minutes, so check it out.

Favorite Track: Runaway

Monday, January 27, 2014

Blogs that you should be reading instead

Hey so I mean I can only give so many half-decent reviews, and even though I try to keep a large range of music in truth I end up doing the same genre's over and over in a way. So, if you want to find some really good music, check out these blogs

RottenYoungEarth (Amazing Blog, been going at it for a while)

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Andrew Listens (Good Reviews)

The Musical Junkie (Reviews, playlists, lots of stuff)

Half-Gifts (Interviews, good reviews)

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Lost Boys Demo by Piece of Mind

Lost Boys Demo by Piece Of Mind
1. P.O.M
2. Youth Brigade
3. Stand Together
4. Myself
5. The Truth

Piece of Mind released their demo, Lost Boys, today, and I found it (once again) through a local promoter's Facebook Page. Anyway, the first thing I noticed about this band was that the songs are short. Like, almost powerviolence short but they aren't powerviolence so I don't know, but I dig the whole short song thing: say what you need to say and then get lost. The demo starts off with this kicking bass line that reminds me of some kind of Ceremony thingy and then the rest of the release is high energy. Even for being low run time songs, the tempo's of these songs aren't exactly high, more mid-range: something you can two step to. Vocals are angry and hard to understand, and drumming (Surf rock beat in "Myself") is what stands out to me most of all in this entire release, even though guitar is the most heavy in the mix. Something you can get into, but not really an angry hardcore release. More youth-crew-esq, but maybe that's just me.

Favorite Song: Myself


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Winter Demo by Sold Short

Winter Demo by Sold Short
1. Intro
2. No Direction
3. Walk On
4. Hellbent

While it's no Springfield, the Dallas hardcore scene has some amazing bands to offer. Sold Short is one such band, and with Winter Demo, Sold Short shows what they are made of. Production of the release is really well done, and instrumentation is solid. Vocals are yell vocals, laid back in the mix, and really cathartic. You've got a sick bass line in the Intro, some cool guitar parts/ deviations on Hellbent, but other than that, this is a straight up hardcore punk release. You've got your chug/chug/head spin rhythm seen throughout, and vocals are angry. Intro/ the ending to Hellbent makes me want to move, and the release on a whole is really solid. Something you can move to. 

Favorite Track: Hellbent

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Demo by Four Remain

Demo by Four Remain
1. Clear Headed
2. Silence The Lambs
3. Four Remain
4. Ain't Coming Around

Four Remain's Demo is a hardcore punk/thrash release clocking in at around 6 minutes. It's one of those post-Minor Threat releases that's good but nothing crazy. Lo-fi fuzzy feeling to the recording, drums stand out most in the mix aside from the vocals. Vocals are very punk like, and guitar is clean. The entire release is fast paced and something you could definitely get into, I'd check it out.


Demo 2014 by Bloodhound

Demo 2014 by Bloodhound
1. Intro
2. Grip On Reality
3. Control
4. 16 Days
Bloodhound released their first demo today and I found out about it through twitter. I don't usually look at those, but as being in a band myself that has released our own EP without the help of promoters, I know how hard it is to self promote, so I checked it out. Anyway, wow. These Demo's that a lot of hardcore bands release aren't always something to check out, but I feel that Bloodhound did a really good job with this. From the intro track I was already bobbing my head and getting ready for what was next. By the time "Control" came along I couldn't help but smiling. Production is really well done, vocals are slurred and mid-range, and there are some pretty nice guitar riffs intermittent through the chugs, and there is this kick ass bass line in "16 Days" that got me going. Really awesome release, can't wait to hear more from these guys, and I hope that they come up to Missouri soon, the hardcore scene here would love them. 

Favorite Track: Split between "Control" And "16 Days"

Warship by Bayside Kings

1. Altered Beast + Warship
2. Bigger Than Me And You
3. Battle Scars + Fair Trade
4. My Freedom

The newest release by Bayside Kings is one that you can move to. Once this band picks up the energy, they keep it rolling, and in these four songs the listener's attention is grabbed from the start. Vocals are a mix of yells and screams, and a metalcore aspect is seen in these songs. Chugs are scattered throughout and you'll find the occasional technical guitar solo, but the hardcore aspect of the songs is strong. The tempo is high, and gang vocals are thrown throughout. In all, it's a real solid release, and the production is very well done. Check it out at their bandcamp.

Favorite Song: Altered Beast + Warship

No Love by I Was Afraid

No Love by I was Afraid
1. Carve
2. Strange Ceilings
3. Room
4. Sway
5. No Love
6. Care
7. Gifted
8. Arrowhead
I Was Afraid  is an emo band from Arkansas, and their newest release, No Love throws a grunge spin onto their music. Vocals are cathartic, and raspy (Think Nirvana), and sound on a whole has that cool grunge feel. Even with all of that, you still get the cool emo guitar riffs that everyone loves. Drums do this cool thing where they actually keep me entertained, and guitar playing is well done. My only complaint would be that the songs don't seem to deviate from one another, and I couldn't tell you which song was which if my life depended on it. Other than that, it's a really good release, and one that I'm  definitely adding to my grunge collection. 

Favorite Track: No Love

Thursday, January 16, 2014

10,000,000 B.C. by Ghost Dance new music video

10,000,000 B.C. By Ghost Dance

Found this through one of the local promoters, and instantly the song caught my attention. Ghost Dance is a band from Springfield Missouri, which is about 10 miles from where I live, so that's cool. This new song by them is really cool. It has a progressive metal/grunge/ Dio-aged rock and roll feel to it. Instrumentation is fuzzy and put onto the back burner, nearing a lo-fi production quality, but obviously done professionally. Main vocals are grungy and Nirvana-like, standing out in the mix. Back-up vocals are done either by a supporting singer or it could be a female track playing, I'm not sure as I've not heard more from this band; which will soon be changing. Think "Sex Bob-omb" from the movie, "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World", and you've got "10,000,000 BC" by Ghost Dance. Anyway, guitar riff/instrumentation change at the end of the song is really fun to listen to and really compliments the song, so be on the lookout for that. Check this video out guys, it's really cool and the band is from where I'm from so that's cool. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Albatross by Foxing

The Albatross by Foxing
1. Bloodhound
2. Inuit
3. The Medic
4. Pent up in a Blind
5. Rory 
6. Bit by a Dead Bee Pt. 1
7. Bit by a Dead Bee Pt. 2
8. Den Mother
9. Calm Before
10. Quietus

Foxing is an emo group out of St. Louis Missouri. Their release, The Albatross, is in my opinion, an exceptional emo record. To me, this release will be the next American Football in ten or so years. This is a release pushing towards Vices era Brand New, filled with scratchy, fuzzy recordings, and light guitar playing. Just like most emo bands these days, noodling is used on the guitar. Almost a twinkly feeling meets the band on songs such as "Bit by a Dead Bee Pt. 1" and on "Den Mother". If you are a fan of emo music, this is the release for you. If you aren't a fan of emo music, this is still a release for you. This is an amazing release, and I fell in love with it after one or so listen through. It's a relatively short release, so if you aren't paying attention you may end up listening to it three or four times. Get it.

Favorite Track: Rory


Monday, January 13, 2014

Songs 2012-2013 by Woodgraves

Songs 2012-2013 by Woodgraves
1. Backseat
3. There Are No More Good Days Bart
4. Sleep Sick

Woodgraves' sophmore release steps away from the full-acoustic release that was seen in Leave Me In The Dirt. Songs 2012-2013 is a twinkle/emo release, one that reminds me of Malon. Once again a lo-fi recording, this release has long and hard hitting cymbal rides, mid range yell vocals, deep driving bass, and a light guitar feel. Noodling is used throughout for the guitar, and Ryan's voice stands out well on the mix. 

Favorite Song: Backseat

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Still Bummed by Nouns

Still Bummed by Nouns
1. dogs
2. still bummed
3. school bus
4. conch
5. yaw
6. dumped
7. way
8. you're not the one i want
9. the graduate
10. great big "fuck" and how i'm coping with it

I was going through tumblr, re-blogging some sad posts and looking for sad music on bandcamp when I found Still Bummed by Nouns under the "Sad" music tag. This lo-fi emo/electronic/indie rock noise punk release was perfect for a sad snowed in day. Nouns is a band from Little Rock, Arkansas, and Still Bummed was recorded in a bedroom, and has a great lo-fi vibe to it. Each song flows into one another wonderfully, making it easy to get lost in the 10 songs as they slowly meld together. Vocals are spacey and held back, and the lyrics are for the most part easy to relate to. If you've ever seen a shoegaze band live, you'll get the same kind of feeling listening to Nouns. Instrumentation is wide and very sad, guitar driven, almost punk at times, give it a listen and download it for 50 cents when you get the chance because it's worth it. 
Favorite Track: You're Not The One I Want

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Compilation Of Good Local Bands In Springfield That All Of Your Friends Should Know.

Ayyyyy, check it. I put together a compilation. If you have friends that keep saying "Dude, Pierce the Veil is hardcore" just show them this compilation [or some other ones that I may make soon] tell them wrong, [I included a metalcore song in there too, just help further your point] but that's okay because you can show them the right way. ;)

VENUES that they should also know and like on Facebook:
The Lemon Drop [springfield, not Ozark]
The Outland Ballroom
The Foundry[new, I don't think it's open yet.]
 Randy's Bacon Art Gallery
Billiards [not so supportive of D.I.Y shows anymore]

HERE'S the link to the compilation:

BANDS you'll find on it:
Free At Last
Dirk Frazel
Jungle Juice
Pizza Breath
Dirt Nap
Mason Mercer
I Am Exonerated

Maybe go check my silly songs? Mostly ambient trance stuff that I improvised my keyboard

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ideas for 2014 [Potentially Cool Ideas]

Ayyyy, so as a junior that cares more about playing music with lotz of people than my own education [I mean public education is a joke if you ask me] here's some ideas for what 2014 CAN be for the local scene.

1. Do/bring things to get in free to shows [to make shows more fun]

For example:
say I'm booking/headlining a hardcore show [thanks to Alpha that may happen], I might say "Hey, if you bring a lightsaber to pit with, you'll get in free." or [for birthdayz] "bring in x cake for x individual to get in free". Sure, there are plenty of ways to con through these kind of propositions, but I'm not making any money anyways so it doesn't mean anything to me.  Stuff like that is always been a thing to get me (and other people) to do anything, so I'd think the scene would already have picked up on that.

2. More mixed genre shows

Yeah, it could be a little weird, like I saw two touring acoustic "bands" [Lesbian Poetry and Cookie Doh] booked on the same show as Discourse. It was a rad show, sadly I had to leave at the beginning of Discourse, but it was kind of disheartening how the hardcore kids just looked down and ignored the other two bands. Like I get you're titled to your own opinion but damn, those guys drove from Des Moines, Iowa to play for like 12 people. But the point is to basically to bring the families together. Like before last November I didn't even think we had an indie scene in Springfield.

3. Make friends, make more bands

With places like The OBEC now open, why isn't everybody and their grandma forming a band [be it hardcore, emo, djent, metal, whatever]? When I go to shows it always seems like everybody only talks to their groups of friends. I didn't have any friends in the scene [I'd have my mom drop me off and pick me up from shows until like last year, and I'd hang out by myself in the front, moshing for myself whenever there was moshes] until I introduce my friends Lane and Adrian into it, because they'd talk to people they thought they knew and I'd get to know them out of just being there in the conversation. So maybe become more social, less pretentious and if you have anything to say, make some silly-chaotic band to say it in.

4. Less professionalism, more D.I.Y

I notice incline of local band appreciation [in Ozark anyways] after Inferni333 release our ep this summer (I don't really care for it at all, but it's what it is), I think this because the kids realize that it's possible to get a band together and put something out for your friends to listen to. Now the only downside is that can cost a lot more than most people are willing to pay [$600ish for 5 songs, and that was "cheap"] so how to fix that? Borrow stuff from friends, record what with you have, get it out there. You don't need an expensive studio with an engineer to get you a good recording. Just need a good room.

This is all I'm going to put up for now.
"Let's see how many songs we can make in 2014"


Histories--I'm Still Doing Well

Histories--I'm Still Doing Well

1) Jim Jones
2) Holy Gossip
3) New Madrid Fault Line
4) Obliviate
5) Success Is Not Killing Yourself

Ayyyyy, I've been meaning to get back into reviewing [Pokémon says otherwise, ya know?]. I'm back, and I'm sure you don't care, anyways here's a local proggy-emo band from Springfield. Histories is something new to me every time I listen to them. They give me some Coheed and Cambria feels mainly but I also get this less-chaotic feel of The Fall Of Troy [one of my favorite bands] and they a strong pop sensibility to them that'll have you singing their songs for a few dayz.
Favorite track: Obliviate

Monday, January 6, 2014

Leave Me In The Dirt by Woodgraves

Leave Me In The Dirt by Woodgraves
1. Family Matters
2. Crawling
3. Dead Weather
4. Autumn Air
5. For A Friend, By A Friend (That Friend Is Me)
6. Let The Waves Carry Me To Pieces (I Hope I Drown Next To Your Lifeless Body)

I found Woodgraves by following Ryan Small on Instagram. I don't remember how we came to following one another, but he's from missouri, so I guess I'll find out eventually. Anyway, Woodgraves is one of those lo-fi amazing acoustic things that you find. It reminds me of my personal bandcamp, just Ryan and his guitar, with some pretty sweet layering done. Woodgraves has a huge emo feel to it, instrumentation wise. Vocals are also really emo-ish, you know what I mean, off tune/American Football-esq relaxing and strange at the same time. It's a lo-fi release but the lo-fi compliments it perfectly, as in I think if it wasn't so lo-fi it wouldn't be as good. The slight humming in the background really adds to the whole relaxing feeling. Something you listen to in a car ride/while trying to fall asleep. 

Favorite Song: Dead Weather
Autumn Air
For A Friend, By A Friend (That Friend Is Me)

All around great acoustic release. Digging the lyrics.

i by Surrender

i by Surrender
1. Intro
2. Crooks
3. Deprived
4. The Thought of You
5. Cuts
6. Father's Day
7. Outro

i is Surrender's first release. Surrender is a local 417 hardcore band, and is one of the first local, if not hardcore in general, bands I ever got to. I'm reviewing their first release now (I've already reviewed Golden Noose) because it's come to my attention that this band will be breaking up after playing their last show on February 6th. I couldn't believe it when I heard this, for one, I love this band, for two, I don't like it when bands break up. It's sad. Anyway, Surrender brought a new kinda hardcore into Springfield. A chaotic/dark hardcore that I love to see. The shows that I've watched youtube videos of that feature this band are just crazy. Talk about pitting. I've never actually seen them live, but by god I'm going to their final show if it kills me. Anyway, this release stands out to me with it's constant changing guitar and drum parts, the driving bass lines and the deep vocals from the original vocalist of Surrender (Now voiced by Christian of Surrender). Really love this band and everything they've put out, it hurts to see them going. This is a great first release, and really got the band the notice they deserve.
Favorite Track: Father's Day

S/T EP (2011) by Single Mothers

S/T by Single Mothers
1. Christian Girls
2. Hell (Is My Backup Plan)
3. Winter Coats
4. Baby

Single Mothers is a good old fashioned punk band from Canada. It's awesome to see a refreshing punk band these days, most of what I see is Hardcore punk or some variation of the such but then again if we get down to genre's that specific then well I'm just being a genre nazi and that's no fun. Anyway, Punk band Single Mothers released their sophomore release back in 2011, and this little four song EP caught my attention from the first song. Recording is lo-fi, and this three piece band (Which, by the way, I dig three piece bands) puts a lot of sound into their music with their line-up. Vocals are scratchy and loud, sailing over the mix, and cymbal rides do stand out a lot. Guitar is well done, and as it's the only other instrument as far as I can see, it does a lot with what it's given. The talent of these guys is obvious. Also, as I said, recording is lo-fi (Sounds like recorded through a potato, some would say) but it's on the better side of Lo-fi recording. Check it out.
Favorite Track: Christian Girls

In The Shadows by Nate Maingard

In The Shadows by Nate Maingard
1. Little Brother
2. 9 Lives (Cat's Got Time)
3. Slow It Down
4. In The Shadows

I'm on some weird kinda folk/indie rock kick right now, and I found In The Shadows by Nate Maingard in the "folk" music genre tag on Bandcamp. I'll be honest that I chose to review this release out of the countless others simply because it had only four songs on it, aside from the 10-12 song average on all the other releases. When you listen to emo/hardcore music all the time, releases with a bunch of songs/songs that last longer than a 2 minute average seem to last forever. Anyway, this blue eyed man's singing some nicely produced folk music with a nicely english voice. Instrumentation is large, ranging from harmonica, guitar, piano, banjo, lap steel, bass, viola, drums: ya know, the folk get up. Really honest and light sounding music, great for if you're on a folk music run or if you want to relax and fall to sleep to something like this on a warm summer day. 
Favorite Song: Little Brother

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Oh Hello's by The Oh Hellos

The Oh Hello's by The Oh Hellos
1. Hello My Old Heart
2. Lay Me Down
3. Cold Is The Night
4. Trees
The Oh Hello's is The Oh Hellos debut EP release. The Oh Hellos has a folk/indie feel that reminds me of Mumford and Sons, Phillip Phillips, and The Lumineers. The Oh Hellos is a two piece brother/sister group, and both of the siblings feature vocals throughout this release. Both of them have very good singing voices, and compliment each other well. Guitar is well done, and production on a whole is high quality. Vocal layering is seen, and many different indie-esq instruments are heard. In a whole, this is a very well done release, especially for a first release. Sometimes you just need a good Acoustic release, and this is definitely one.
Favorite Track: Hello My Old Heart

Clockwork, Creatures by Greaver

Clockwork, Creatures by Greaver
1. The Unknowing Divide
2. Generations (Devouring Love)
3. Red (Elusive as the Sea)
4. Southern Swans (Of Pestilence)
5. Creates Me (Betrays Me)

Clockwork, Creatures, by Greaver is a progressive-post hardcore/emo release. These five songs give off a Malon feel, vocals being high and yelling, with an almost helpless feeling to it. The songs are highly progressive, starting at one point and progressing throughout, and you can see the hardcore influence through the lows that are intermittently scattered throughout the songs. Instrumentation is simple and made to accompany the guitar and vocals, in my opinion. Guitar is emo-ish in some parts, and very spacy, pushing it towards the progressive side of it's genre. Lyric wise, I'm highly enjoying this release, and production is very well done. I'd recommend for any sad day/any emo playlist.
Favorite Track: Southern Swans (Of Pestilence)


My Low by Langoliers

My Low by Langoliers

My Low by Langoliers is a single song emo/twinkle track. My Low is pushing the more angry side of the emo genre, and is doing it right. Production is lo-fi, all instrumentation and vocals being done on a macbook, however, even for a lo-fi release, the production is very good. Vocals are clearly understood, as are all of the instruments. Langoliers has a Hit Home kinda vibe going on, which I'm digging 100%. Sadly, they only have this one song out on bandcamp. I hope they come out with something new soon/that they are still a band. 

Renegades by Wolf Down

Renegades by Wolf Down
1. Baring Teeth
2. Dead End Road
3. Stone Cold
4. Renegades

Renegades by Wolf Down is a run of the mill hardcore release that you can find anywhere on bandcamp. What is supposed to be a hardcore/punk release turns into a hardcore/punk release pushing towards the metalcore genre instrumental wise. Drumming is very hardcore-esq, and guitar is filled chock full of chugs and head-rolling parts that anyone could get down and pit to. Bass is lost in the mix in many of the songs, only especially heard in "Stone Cold" Vocals are very throaty. Production however as a whole, is very professional sounding and well done. As I said, Wolf Down seems like something that anyone could pit to.
Favorite Track: Renegades

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Suffer No More, by Corkscrew

Suffer No More, by Corkscrew
1. Intro
2. Suffer No More (Ft. Jon Ortiz of Mal Intent)
3. Withdrawal

Corkscrew is a hardcore band from Gary, Indiana, Their newest release, Suffer No More is full of hard-hitting lyrics and vocals, pushing it towards just another hardcore album on bandcamp, however, it's still a very good release. Jon Ortiz's guest spot on Suffer No More really ties the song together, and the song structure on Withdrawal keeps me coming back to listen to this release. Lucky for me, I got to see Corkscrew play live recently, and they really know how to put on a show, and the members of this band are really nice guys. 
Favorite Track: Withdrawal

Bearing the Cold, by Flawless

Bearing The cold by Flawless
1. What a Waste of Time
2. Entirety
3. Anybody Else
4. Untitled
5. Stutter
I was just talking about Flawless with my friend Kasey, and mentioned the fact that they put out a new release every December. Well, here is 2013's Flawless release. Flawless is a local 417 Post-hardcore/pop punk band, and probably the biggest band on the scene. 
At first listen to this new Flawless, I didn't really enjoy the new sound that they are putting out, but after a few more listens, I started to enjoy it more. These 5 songs are very punk-esq, with emo-ish lyrics. Ian's vocals continue to get better and better with each release, and the sound of "Bearing the Cold" seems more like Flawless's first release. Local drumming all-star Alex Harris (Drummer for Dirt Nap, Blackhole, Dirk Frazel, Grammer,, and many many other bands) shows off some stock Alex Harris Drumming, and guitar is set to what seems to be a medium tone, not too heavy, and not too light. What really sticks out to me on many of the tracks is the Bass, heavy in the mix, and driving the songs forward. 
What caught my attention most, aside from the bass lines, would be the lyrical aspect of the songs. I mentioned them to be emo-ish, and that's all I can relate them too. Dark, sad, makes you think about things you don't really like to think about. 
In all, if you're a fan of Flawless, you should like this release, but it's no Winter Tour Tape. Check it out.
Favorite Song: Anybody Else