Monday, January 6, 2014

i by Surrender

i by Surrender
1. Intro
2. Crooks
3. Deprived
4. The Thought of You
5. Cuts
6. Father's Day
7. Outro

i is Surrender's first release. Surrender is a local 417 hardcore band, and is one of the first local, if not hardcore in general, bands I ever got to. I'm reviewing their first release now (I've already reviewed Golden Noose) because it's come to my attention that this band will be breaking up after playing their last show on February 6th. I couldn't believe it when I heard this, for one, I love this band, for two, I don't like it when bands break up. It's sad. Anyway, Surrender brought a new kinda hardcore into Springfield. A chaotic/dark hardcore that I love to see. The shows that I've watched youtube videos of that feature this band are just crazy. Talk about pitting. I've never actually seen them live, but by god I'm going to their final show if it kills me. Anyway, this release stands out to me with it's constant changing guitar and drum parts, the driving bass lines and the deep vocals from the original vocalist of Surrender (Now voiced by Christian of Surrender). Really love this band and everything they've put out, it hurts to see them going. This is a great first release, and really got the band the notice they deserve.
Favorite Track: Father's Day