Saturday, January 18, 2014

Demo 2014 by Bloodhound

Demo 2014 by Bloodhound
1. Intro
2. Grip On Reality
3. Control
4. 16 Days
Bloodhound released their first demo today and I found out about it through twitter. I don't usually look at those, but as being in a band myself that has released our own EP without the help of promoters, I know how hard it is to self promote, so I checked it out. Anyway, wow. These Demo's that a lot of hardcore bands release aren't always something to check out, but I feel that Bloodhound did a really good job with this. From the intro track I was already bobbing my head and getting ready for what was next. By the time "Control" came along I couldn't help but smiling. Production is really well done, vocals are slurred and mid-range, and there are some pretty nice guitar riffs intermittent through the chugs, and there is this kick ass bass line in "16 Days" that got me going. Really awesome release, can't wait to hear more from these guys, and I hope that they come up to Missouri soon, the hardcore scene here would love them. 

Favorite Track: Split between "Control" And "16 Days"