Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Evident by Evident

evident | evident
1.It Never Goes Away
2. It's Over
3. How Long?
4. Time
    Evident is a local band from San Antonio that plays this cool blend of Post Hardcore/Emo music. I'm getting this Flawless (Local 417 band) feel. The songs are slow and melodic, with emo and pop punk influenced guitar riffs. Vocals are a mixture of deep/mid range cleans and scratchy mid range screams. Run times are average length, and production is very well done. What's sticking out to me most would be both the lyrics and the drums, both something that you can zone out on and pay sole attention to; not to say that the rest of the instrumentation isn't good, because it is good. This is a really good release on a whole that should be listened to. Sadly, Evident announced on their Facebook page that they are going to be calling it quits and playing a last show. If you're from around where they are, I wouldn't miss it at all. I'm really digging these guys and I'm sad to hear that they aren't going to be making any more music under this band name. 

Favorite Track: Time