Sunday, January 5, 2014

Clockwork, Creatures by Greaver

Clockwork, Creatures by Greaver
1. The Unknowing Divide
2. Generations (Devouring Love)
3. Red (Elusive as the Sea)
4. Southern Swans (Of Pestilence)
5. Creates Me (Betrays Me)

Clockwork, Creatures, by Greaver is a progressive-post hardcore/emo release. These five songs give off a Malon feel, vocals being high and yelling, with an almost helpless feeling to it. The songs are highly progressive, starting at one point and progressing throughout, and you can see the hardcore influence through the lows that are intermittently scattered throughout the songs. Instrumentation is simple and made to accompany the guitar and vocals, in my opinion. Guitar is emo-ish in some parts, and very spacy, pushing it towards the progressive side of it's genre. Lyric wise, I'm highly enjoying this release, and production is very well done. I'd recommend for any sad day/any emo playlist.
Favorite Track: Southern Swans (Of Pestilence)