Monday, January 6, 2014

In The Shadows by Nate Maingard

In The Shadows by Nate Maingard
1. Little Brother
2. 9 Lives (Cat's Got Time)
3. Slow It Down
4. In The Shadows

I'm on some weird kinda folk/indie rock kick right now, and I found In The Shadows by Nate Maingard in the "folk" music genre tag on Bandcamp. I'll be honest that I chose to review this release out of the countless others simply because it had only four songs on it, aside from the 10-12 song average on all the other releases. When you listen to emo/hardcore music all the time, releases with a bunch of songs/songs that last longer than a 2 minute average seem to last forever. Anyway, this blue eyed man's singing some nicely produced folk music with a nicely english voice. Instrumentation is large, ranging from harmonica, guitar, piano, banjo, lap steel, bass, viola, drums: ya know, the folk get up. Really honest and light sounding music, great for if you're on a folk music run or if you want to relax and fall to sleep to something like this on a warm summer day. 
Favorite Song: Little Brother