Friday, January 31, 2014

Ledges by Blackhole

Ledges | Blackhole
1. Intro/ The blackhole
2. Frames
3. Crosstica
4. 5/22
5. Wolves In Pigs Clothing
6. Ledges

Not sure how I haven't already reviewed this release, Ledges by Blackhole is an amazing hardcore release. Their sophomore release, Ledges shows the same angry be who you are, don't listen to others, aspects as Blackhole's self titled release did. This is the release I listen to whenever I want to get pumped before I go play a show. Run times are short, the first five songs lasting around 1 minute each, and "Ledges" clocking in above 3 minutes. I showed this release to my non-hardcore/progressive rock loving military brother, and it was even something that he could get into. Production value is DIY, but it's on the good side of DIY, so you can clearly differentiate between all the instruments/Hal's voice. Great release, must have.

Favorite track: Ledges