Monday, January 6, 2014

Leave Me In The Dirt by Woodgraves

Leave Me In The Dirt by Woodgraves
1. Family Matters
2. Crawling
3. Dead Weather
4. Autumn Air
5. For A Friend, By A Friend (That Friend Is Me)
6. Let The Waves Carry Me To Pieces (I Hope I Drown Next To Your Lifeless Body)

I found Woodgraves by following Ryan Small on Instagram. I don't remember how we came to following one another, but he's from missouri, so I guess I'll find out eventually. Anyway, Woodgraves is one of those lo-fi amazing acoustic things that you find. It reminds me of my personal bandcamp, just Ryan and his guitar, with some pretty sweet layering done. Woodgraves has a huge emo feel to it, instrumentation wise. Vocals are also really emo-ish, you know what I mean, off tune/American Football-esq relaxing and strange at the same time. It's a lo-fi release but the lo-fi compliments it perfectly, as in I think if it wasn't so lo-fi it wouldn't be as good. The slight humming in the background really adds to the whole relaxing feeling. Something you listen to in a car ride/while trying to fall asleep. 

Favorite Song: Dead Weather
Autumn Air
For A Friend, By A Friend (That Friend Is Me)

All around great acoustic release. Digging the lyrics.