Friday, January 31, 2014

This Bird's Only Cage Is The Sky by Justin Larkin

This Bird's Only Cage Is The Sky | Justin Larkin

Justin Larkin is a local 417 singer and when he asked me to review a song he recorded in his basement, I expected to find a lo-fi acoustic recording. What I found instead is a high quality, well produced and recorded song. "This Bird's Only Cage Is The Sky" starts off as one of those normal acoustic songs, but evolves into much more. Featured is bass, flute, violin, and female background vocals. Justin's voice is smooth and beautiful to listen to, you find this kind of singing on mainstream radios. Just listening to this song made me happy. This entire song sounds radio ready and it's amazing to think that it was recorded in Justin's basement. Definitely check it out, it's something that I really enjoyed hearing.