Sunday, January 5, 2014

Renegades by Wolf Down

Renegades by Wolf Down
1. Baring Teeth
2. Dead End Road
3. Stone Cold
4. Renegades

Renegades by Wolf Down is a run of the mill hardcore release that you can find anywhere on bandcamp. What is supposed to be a hardcore/punk release turns into a hardcore/punk release pushing towards the metalcore genre instrumental wise. Drumming is very hardcore-esq, and guitar is filled chock full of chugs and head-rolling parts that anyone could get down and pit to. Bass is lost in the mix in many of the songs, only especially heard in "Stone Cold" Vocals are very throaty. Production however as a whole, is very professional sounding and well done. As I said, Wolf Down seems like something that anyone could pit to.
Favorite Track: Renegades