Saturday, January 18, 2014

No Love by I Was Afraid

No Love by I was Afraid
1. Carve
2. Strange Ceilings
3. Room
4. Sway
5. No Love
6. Care
7. Gifted
8. Arrowhead
I Was Afraid  is an emo band from Arkansas, and their newest release, No Love throws a grunge spin onto their music. Vocals are cathartic, and raspy (Think Nirvana), and sound on a whole has that cool grunge feel. Even with all of that, you still get the cool emo guitar riffs that everyone loves. Drums do this cool thing where they actually keep me entertained, and guitar playing is well done. My only complaint would be that the songs don't seem to deviate from one another, and I couldn't tell you which song was which if my life depended on it. Other than that, it's a really good release, and one that I'm  definitely adding to my grunge collection. 

Favorite Track: No Love