Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Four Or Five Swords by Inferni

Four Or Five Swords by Inferni

I just realized that we never put (adrian and I's band) Inferni's new album on here, so here it is. The bandcamp is below, check it out!

What Did You Come Back For? by Community Theatre

Community Theatre --- What Did You Come Back For?

1) Intro
3)Blue Blood
5)What Did You Come Back For?
6)Big Blue Submarine

Hi, it's been a hot minute, how you are doing? I'm great, thx :-)

Community Theatre is a Dream Pop/Surf rock/Indie/whatever band from Hutchinson, Kansas. I had the pleasure of accidentally booking these guys in Springfield, MO a couple months ago before they put this out, and they were spectacular, and we got Steak 'N Shake afterwards. Anyways I'll throw a couple of nice and get out of y'all's hair. 

Isaac has the voice of a literal angel and Micheal has the spiciest guitar licks. Everything is so drenched in the nicest reverb sound. IDK. It's just a sweet sugar pile of nice sounds. If you're into drugs or getting fucked up this probably yr album. Check it out :-)

I think my favorite track is Headlights but I'm not real sure.