Tuesday, February 14, 2017

What Did You Come Back For? by Community Theatre

Community Theatre --- What Did You Come Back For?

1) Intro
3)Blue Blood
5)What Did You Come Back For?
6)Big Blue Submarine

Hi, it's been a hot minute, how you are doing? I'm great, thx :-)

Community Theatre is a Dream Pop/Surf rock/Indie/whatever band from Hutchinson, Kansas. I had the pleasure of accidentally booking these guys in Springfield, MO a couple months ago before they put this out, and they were spectacular, and we got Steak 'N Shake afterwards. Anyways I'll throw a couple of nice and get out of y'all's hair. 

Isaac has the voice of a literal angel and Micheal has the spiciest guitar licks. Everything is so drenched in the nicest reverb sound. IDK. It's just a sweet sugar pile of nice sounds. If you're into drugs or getting fucked up this probably yr album. Check it out :-)

I think my favorite track is Headlights but I'm not real sure.