Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Beyond Eternity's Grasp by Time Walk

Beyond Eternity's Grasp by Time Walk

1) Runick Echos
2) Fury Of The Sands
3) War
4) Time Heals Nothing
5) Temple Of The Forbidden Realm
6) Enter The Realm Of Death (Runemagik cover)

Time Walk is an upcoming metalcore act from Springfield, MO. These bad boys bring the most badass riffs for all the mosh clappin', crowd killin', faygo-drinkin' juggalos out there. Do not sleep on this band (how could you?). 100% in my top 10 aoty so far. 

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I definitely recommend seeing them if they're coming close to you, you won't regret it, they're live show is like none other

pg1 and pg2 by Secondgradeknifefight

Secondgradeknifefightpg2 by Secondgradeknifefight
1) i don't care if you're paraplegic, let's play twister (it's all in the hips)
2) damn, i can't find my dad's cock ring (a bad time at uncle fuck's)
3) he had a voice that could make a wolverine purr and suits so fine that they made sinatra look like a hobo (a man on fire)
4) david letterman cuckold dance party (please don't get it in my hair)
5) the human torch was denied a bank loan and mr fantastic had sex with a rubber ball (it was not fun to watch)
6) jesus definitely had a big dong, no question about it (it's bigger in person)

Listen here!

secondgradeknifefightpg1 by secondgradeknifefight

1) chemistry 211 (stay away from ryan, he scratches)
2) i'm not even mad mine isn't movie quality (stepping out of my comfort zone)
3)captain tom-tom (another ballad of love)
4) my nana takes her wig off when she's drunk (fire up them grills)
5)redneck inter-lewd-acts 23 (keep on truckin)
6) wave goodbye to uncle jim (a relaxing day on the roof)
7) butterfly death squad ( I swear to god, I swear to god)

Listen here!

What's there to say about a band like Secondgradeknifefight? If we were to give it an alignment it would probably be chaotic evil, this shit's wild and will cause your ears to bleed if loud enough. This is the kind of stuff you'd show your mom when she's had a long day at work. Check it out.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Art Is Supposed To Be Fun! by Grady Philip Drugg

Art Is Supposed To Be Fun! by Grady Philip Drugg

1. Leaving Lake Wobegone
2. Our New Home
3. I Fear So Deeply
4. Stuck In Time
5. Pretending Is Stupid
6. Ouch!
7. Where Is My Love Now?
8. Naked
9. Standing Brave
"why would I pretend
"Grady Philip Drugg is a musician from Canyon Lake, Texas. In February 2014, he relocated to Springfield, Missouri and toured the country in several DIY bands. In April 2016, he made his way back home after recording his debut self-titled full length album. He now lives in Austin, Texas."-his bandcamp

I've looked up to Grady, musically, for a hot minute now and I absolutely love this new release he put out. He goes in and out of different sounds so effortlessly and still manages to keep it flowing. Much like his self-titled release (linked below because I think we missed it, maybe? I'm not sure, but I am sure that it will be linked below :-))

Fun Fact: Leaving Lake Wobegone was originally on a 4-track ep that Grady put out under the name Toska, and it's great to see that it's back and sounding more lovely than ever. I love the instrumentation on all the songs, the tones and just what Grady's doing is just pleasing. I don't really know what else to say other than I don't know why you're not listening to this. 

Favorite Track: Our New Home

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

True Self- Demo 2017

Demo 2017 by True Self

1. Worst Reasons
3.True Self
6. Old Man Stuck In His Way

A sweet n short hardcore release leaning more towards Verse or Have Heart from Springfield, MO. I'm (Kasey) drummin' on it, and it would be rad if y'all checked it. Thx

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Letters To Catalonia//ilill Split

ilill & Letters To Catalonia 

1) Letters To Catalonia- how'd u like it if i milked u?
2)Letters To Catalonia- Decay
3) Letters To Catalonia- my lyfe is a pyramid scheme n yr just a (s)quare
4) ilill-intro
5)ilill- hana
6)ilill- nanae

I was at a house show, talking with a friend about how they wanted to start a band in the vein of Funeral Diner, The Saddest Landscape and other big screamo bands when we got on the topic of sweet releases from 2016. Besides the Ostraca release, this was his favorite release. Some words on the topic: 

The riffs on the Letters side are so heavy, they smash and destroy and leave you on the ground with nothing but your emotions. While Ilill's side lets you pick yourself back up and return to whatever void of life that you were in before you put this split on. 

Favorite track: my lyfe is a pyramid scheme n yr just a (s)quare

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Four Or Five Swords by Inferni

Four Or Five Swords by Inferni

I just realized that we never put (adrian and I's band) Inferni's new album on here, so here it is. The bandcamp is below, check it out!

What Did You Come Back For? by Community Theatre

Community Theatre --- What Did You Come Back For?

1) Intro
3)Blue Blood
5)What Did You Come Back For?
6)Big Blue Submarine

Hi, it's been a hot minute, how you are doing? I'm great, thx :-)

Community Theatre is a Dream Pop/Surf rock/Indie/whatever band from Hutchinson, Kansas. I had the pleasure of accidentally booking these guys in Springfield, MO a couple months ago before they put this out, and they were spectacular, and we got Steak 'N Shake afterwards. Anyways I'll throw a couple of nice and get out of y'all's hair. 

Isaac has the voice of a literal angel and Micheal has the spiciest guitar licks. Everything is so drenched in the nicest reverb sound. IDK. It's just a sweet sugar pile of nice sounds. If you're into drugs or getting fucked up this probably yr album. Check it out :-)

I think my favorite track is Headlights but I'm not real sure.