Monday, December 15, 2014

Circle of Death by Homewrecker

Circle Of Death by Homewrecker
Forced Under
Circle Of Death
Born To Suffer
Illusions of Peace
Authority of the Mind
Skin The Pig
Punish the Ignorance
Silence the Weak

Ohio Doom-Hardcore band, Homewrecker, recently released the nine track full length album, Circle Of Death. Circle of Death is a step up from their previous release in 2012, Worms And Dirt, in both production and musical ability. Each song is fast, to the point, and crushing. The instrumentation is unforgiving; dropped tuning and quick drums help show that speed isn’t leaving hardcore, something that many could worry about with some of the newer releases from other big name bands. Vocals are deep, guttural growls that convey hatred and emotion. And what is hardcore music, or any music for that matter, if it holds no emotion? Hardcore music is all about emotion and anger, something that Homewrecker did not forget as they strove to become a more well known band. 

Production is very well managed with this newest release, something that is usually not taken too much into consideration with bands of the genre. The mix is well done, and each part is heard clear. Something that I really am enjoying about the mixing of the instrumentation is how loud the bass is heard over everything else. With the instruments tuned down, the bass leaves only a dull clanking sound, but with the fast paced strumming and strong bass lines, the instrument leaves little guess work as to what is going on. Drums consist of D-beats and blast beats, simple punk-hardcore drumming, nothing that stands out and I will remember. As for guitars, the rhythm is fast and throughout the release the lead takes quick guitar solos that, as a guitarist, give me shivers. 

I’d like to digress, and say that I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Homewrecker live, when they came through my area with similar bands, Backtrack and Harms Way. They put on a great show, and me seeing them live is the reason i’ve decided to take a look at this new release. What really stood out to me when seeing Homewrecker would be that each member of the band does vocals aside from the lead vocalist. While all vocal styles are similar in the band, it’s an exciting thing when all four members break off into either gang vocals or chaotic-like sections of songs. 

The thing about almost every new age hardcore band, is that it’s so easy to sound like every other band that’s out there. It was a problem back in the 80’s when hardcore-punk founding fathers such as Minor Threat, Youth of Today, and Circle Jerks were around, but that was punk music, and no one cared about instrumentation or production, everything was recorded in one take with an 8-track, and it was cool just to get your music out to be heard. Now days, with the amount of music that is heard daily, and with the internet to spread songs around, it’s not rare that you hear one band playing an almost identical guitar riff that another band you’ve heard plays. In all honesty maybe that’s why hardcore music these days is fading into a crossover with Metalcore music, as seen in Code Orange’s newest release, I Am King.  However, when it comes to ohio outfit, Homewrecker, the music is something that, while heard before, revamps my need to go out and listen to old fast hardcore music, to even listen to old metal bands such as Slayer, and Megadeath. If you’re a fan of the genre, and you’re looking for one of the best hardcore releases of 2014, Circle of Death, by Homewrecker, is the album for you.

Favorite Song: Silence the Weak

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Cover me Adequate - All Things Considered

//Cover Me Adequate||All Things Considered\\
1. Runaway Train (Soul Asylum)
2. Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode)
3. The Promise (When In Rome)
4. Pure (Lightning Seeds)
5.  Winds of Change ( The Scorpions)
6. Homeward Bound (Simon & Garfunkel)

This week on All Things Considered we've got a bunch of famous guests. 
And by that I mean the band that has the same name as the npr program covered a bunch of songs.
If you're a fan of any of these bands that are covered, this is the release for you. I for one, am not the biggest fan of covers, but All Things Considered does a really good job at what they do. They choose older songs (as far as I know), and if you had to put a catagory into the music, it's pop-punk fashioned. So if you've ever wanted to hear pop punk versions of these songs, check this out. Recording is done very well, and these already famous melodies and lyrics get stuck into your head. I know after I listened to this, I had "Homeward Bound" stuck in my head for what seemed like forever. So anyway check this out if you like any of these bands. And if you don't, hey, it's another band you can add to your collection of music you can listen to sometimes. 

You Still Suck by P.S. Fuck You

//You Still Suck||P.S. Fuck You\\
1. You've Got "God" On Your Side (I Caught You Praying Earlier)
2. Escape
3. F.N.A
4. Abyss
5. Cocaine Vatican
6. Pass The Knife
7. Rest In Shit
P.S.Fuck You throws down some crazy powerviolence/sludge/grindcore with You Still Suck, showcasing what they can do in just around seven minutes. Filled with loud guitar and destructive drums, a mixture of screeching highs and deep, dark growls, and spacy-feedback, this is one angry release. Runtimes are, of course, short as hell, but there is still a lot of song here. The final song on this is the kicker, showcasing some crazy vocals and some crazy instrumentation and some crazy shit in general. The kind of stuff you get fucked up to. And if you close your eyes and imagine hard enough, you can pretend that the entire release is just one long 7 minute song.


Favorite Track: Rest In Shit

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Interview with Joshua Milligan of Waybridge Records

A long time ago I sat down with Joshua Milligan of the Saint Louis Missouri record Label, Waybridge Records ( Brazil, american merlin, something stranger, etc.), and he gave me this interview that I then lost in the confines of my computer. Well I found it and here it is, in all of it's glory minus a question or two that wouldn't make sense any more based on time. 
Waybridge is one of those labels that I listen to a lot, and that puts out quality music because they put in quality time and effort. So check them out.

What inspired you to start Waybridge Records, and why the name?
I wouldn't say one single event helped start Waybridge Records, but a collection of three things happening in my life at around the same time. The first one was my exposure into the DIY scene through my work with the Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center. For those of you unfamiliar, the Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center is a DIY venue down here in St. Louis that just celebrated its’ 20th anniversary. 20 god damn years, most all ages venues shut down after a year or so, but the LNAC has not only survived but thrived in the scene and given me a great background to see how bands have been somewhat successful in this scene through what they do and how they act. At around
the same time before Waybridge started there was a demise of a relationship that left me in a pretty bad place. If you’ve listened to the J Michael Straczynski piece that La Dispute did on their Here Hear stuff, this was ultimately where I was in life. Broke, alone and ultimately self destructive,
I needed a project to help bring me out of the depths of what I was wallowing in, so I set my mind more and more into the DIY scene. The catalyst however was definitely an album I got to release called 2303 by a great friend of mine Jimmie (American Merlin.) I am not lying when I say “Holy Sung” is simply magnificent and a lot of the reason Waybridge started. I listened to this album
and thought about how no one really gave a shit about it, and I just thought “hey, all these bands are doing this, I’m going to give it my shot” and low and behold I got to release American Merlin’s 2303 as my third “official release.” As far as the actual name goes, Waybridge is the street Jimmie Atchley of American Merlin and I grew up together on. We fell distant for a while through our teen years but after seeing him perform at LNAC, we got to be closer and it seemed appropriate.

What was the first release you ever put out?

The first “official” release under the Waybridge name was a demo album called Stranger Demos. It was a friend of mine named Aaron’s demo that just so happened to time up with when I wanted to start releasing things on Feb. 7th 2014. We also released a free CDR with any purchase of the band Dog Brain’s two EPs., followed soon by American Merlin’s album. As far as the first release I was ever a part of, I had helped Beau Diamond release his solo EP after having a falling out with a band he was the bassist for. He had all this acoustic music written, we just needed a way to release it. This was before I started Waybridge, but it did help me figure out what to do and what not to do.
(Fun fact: Some of the copies of the Beau Diamond EP accidentally have Tim McGraw’s “When the Stars Go Blue” as the final track. Yeah, I messed that one up. Also, if you have one of those EPs, I will pay you $5 to get one back.)

You work really hard with what you do at Waybridge, no one can ever argue against that, are there any achievements that you're super proud of? That you can just think of and be like "Hey cool I did that."
I guess as far as “achievements” go, hell, still being around is an achievement. We celebrated our 7 month not too terribly long ago, and there was a time where I was “oh shit, this may be the end” right after The 92s release. I was in a horrible spot mentally, and those who trusted me most I ended up breaking. I still can’t forgive myself for what I have done to that person. Not to go into detail and try to get a “oh woe is me, feel sorry for me” reaction, but depression is all too real, there were times where I just wouldn't get up and shower or just lay in my bed for days without doing anything, thinking what is the point. Luckily I have a ridiculously supportive mother who helped get
me the help I needed, and I am doing better everyday, this is my purpose. So, getting through that, and being able to not only have 12 releases under my belt so far, but having an extensive list of upcoming future releases is an achievement to me. As far as a “hey cool, I did that” release, I’m coining a phrase called ‘Proud Dad Syndrome’ where I just go on and on about how good every release goes. I guess I get that way the most with the band called CUTTERS release
called We Are The Quarry, first, they rip easily one of the best bands I've had submitted to me, along with Pierce (Lightning of Cutters) being one of the best dudes I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. He had contacted me and a friend of mine named Trey (Hanawalt, of Lost State Records) about both of us releasing WATQ on cassette, and a third label doing it on CD. I was more than down, unfortunately I ended up having to fall through due to the equipment problems/ health problems so Trey did the release alone, and kicked its’ ass. If you aren’t checking out Lost State Records, go do it now. Solid dudes. A month or so later, I was chatting with Pierce about a different NYC band or something and just randomly asked “hey, so what happened with the CD release” and the third label had also fallen through. This was around the same time I was picking things back up, so I offered to do it and they said yes. I was super proud to be a part of that, and pick myself up after stumbling and falling. I was so proud of this release that I traded some with a guy I had met named Kyle (McCoy, of Close Quarters Collation) who traded me some of his first release. I was thinking “FINALLY MY RELEASE IS GOING TO LOOK BETTER!!!” Nope, Kyle fucking blew me out of the water, that’s another great label that you need to be checking out.

Do other people work at Waybridge, or do you do it all by yourself?

I guess I am technically the only one who “works” at Waybridge all the time, certain releases have had certain help though. Matt Washausen of WH Studios has done a lot of artwork for us, along with Mischa from Galactic Fish, and we just reached an agreement with another artist by the name of Jake Hunn. David Fernandez (of Old State) is my designated “quality control” he’s pretty much the deciding vote on a band if I am on the fence about something Beau Diamond (of Collective Dream Band) and Ben Johnson (of Old State) have also helped do a lot of the physical labor involved in the releases, but as far as being there 24/7/365, it is only me. Would you consider it a full time job?
Very much so. Honestly, I don’t want to factor in how many hours I've put into a release compared to the amount of money I get because I know it can't be more than $1 an hour. I would easily make a lot more money working  full time at McDonalds or some other minimum wage job. It is about the intrinsic (is that the word? idk man it’s 2 am) value and knowing that even though I am constantly broke through this project, at the end of the day I would not be doing anything else and I'm giving it my all.

What's your favorite part of running a label?

Too many to count really. This may sound dumb but my Instagram bio literally reads “I get to hang out with my friends for living”. This is true, whenever I say I’m doing work, I’m going to a show or setting up a show or releasing a new band, it’s what I would be doing anyway, but I actually am trying to survive off of it. Also, Kasey and I were discussing this not too long ago just about making the friends you make when touring as compared to making friends in school or through “normal” means. Some of my best friends I’ve met online, they either are in a fantastic band or run a fantastic label.

What is some criteria that a band needs to meet in order for it to get onto Waybridge?

There are many factors, the first one being “do they follow our mission statement?” Which was a document I drafted in August once we started really going balls to the wall with releases after I got through the time when we almost shut down. To give the Readers Digest version, I will just say that what it does is talks about who we are and what we do, along with why we do it. Everything you do as a band/label/artist/human being in general, produces an effect, what effect are you trying to achieve through your actions? At Waybridge we are all about bringing about positive change. Again, this is just a synopsis, and I highly recommend you read it on our Facebook page, or he'll contact me personally and I will give you it. The second being a separate motto called “make it so you’re missed”. This motto came from a conversation with Tom (Hill, of LNAC) talking about a band I don’t even remember the name of, and said something to the tone of “if that band played its’ last show, two other bands would come up and there would be no loss to the music scene.”
This conversation put into words things I had been thinking but just could not phrase right. Whenever I listen to a band I think “what if they weren’t here? Would this be easily replicated?” I am glad to say that the releases I’ve put out, I believe couldn’t be replicated. Does that make it true? Probably not, but as Homer Simpson once said about art, “we can all have an opinion on why something is terrible and still be completely right.”

You go around on tour a lot with the bands that you've signed bands that you play in, is there one memory of a tour stop/ a show in general that you love most of all?

Well first there’s an important distinction, I do not “sign” any bands. I tried for our like first release, but all the contract and law terms were a) flying way over my head, and b) just took the fun out of it. I want to run the label on trust, and being able to back out if need be. I do not want any band forced down to work with me, I want them to be able to go on to bigger and better things if need be.
I now know why pretty much every lifelong musician has written a book or two about their lives, because when you asked this question so many things came to mind. I’ll just mention a few, the first one being the first tour I ever did with my project Death Cab for Ukulele, and Beau Diamond. We had 4 days planned, and on our way to the first stop in Springfield at the OBEC (rip) two of our middle dates cancelled, and after the Springfield show the last day cancelled. Beau and I were homeless in Springfield living off the kindness of strangers, and a band playing at the OBEC cancelled last minute, so we ended up playing two shows at the same venue on tour, that was so nice of
the venue. Being broke and homeless in Springfield for a while, I met great friends (hey, that’s you guys) and now make Springfield, MO a stop on every west tour. I wish I had more interesting stories about blow and hookers, but most of the downtime on tour I just want to play and then sleep.

What does DIY mean to you, and what should it mean to other people?

DIY is a weird term for to describe, I’ve only been in the “scene” for maybe a year tops, I still feel like a baby here and have no authority to define what DIY is by any means. Personally, I do not like the term “DIY” because it stands for Do It Yourself, while that is true, you can pretty much do anything yourself. I prefer the term that came from friends of mine in the band Lion House, where they talk about “DIRT” or Do It Right Together. Just doing it yourself is not enough, I would be nothing without the people I am friends with doing it right, and doing it together. If you have to take a meaning from this interview, DIRT to me just means, whatever you would want done for your
band, do for that band. Last week a band called Temple unfortunately had a show cancellation on them almost resulting in their tour getting cut a little short. Luckily though my friend Dan (Bunetic, of Arsenals) and the band Old State, I was able to get them a last minute show. I’m not a huge believer of karma, but do what you would want someone to do for you, and just give a shit.

How do you think people can get involved in their local music scene?

Again, just give a shit. The band Derive that I had the opportunity to meet on our last tour with Dr. Karate (who blow us out of the water, holy hell those guys are good) regularly publishes a zine called Derive Speaks. Before our show in Springfield I was reading a piece by I think it was their drummer talking about people who go to shows but really just don't give a shit about the bands. Im not saying Im perfect by any means, hell I've slipped up many times and just made a band expendable to me, but at the end of the day, if you are going to a local show, do what you would want other people to do for your bands show.

Do you think anyone can start up and run a record label?

I don’t know about “anyone” but if you have the drive, yes I believe you can. I am no more talented than the next guy but there is a reason that there is a cliche of hard work always gets you somewhere. If you want to start a label, do it or help out your friends’ label, just don’t half ass it and keep going with it.

Anything else you'd like to add

For sure! Again, even if you don’t like my label, there are a ton of other labels doing great things. Our friends in
Close Quarters Collation
Little League Records
Lost State Records
Ronald Records
Driftwood Records
Ozona Records 
Say10 Records
Funeral Sounds,
Not Punk Records  consistently put out great material, and even if
you don’t like any of my bands you will find something you like there. Thanks again for the opportunity to do this interview!

Check out Waybridge Records at the following links:


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Acoustic Demos, August 16th, 2014 by Grady Philip Drugg

//Acoustic Demos, August 16th, 2014||Grady Philip Drugg\\
1. Sleepwalking Child
2. Cliche
3. Sophia
4. Hydrocodone
5. Why I let My Hair Down

One of the local greats (originally from texas), Grady Drugg released this five track ep. Not one of those usually prosaic acoustic releases with a mono-tone voice and the same four chords used in every pop song, Grady sings with a silky voice over wonderful instrumentals, and the simple but well done lo-fi recordings give a soothing feel to the listeners. Harmonica sails through the last track, giving one of those Dylan feels that everyone knows too well. Lyrics of angst and life, disorders, truthful feelings, and much much more, move with the listener, and the way that the tracks meld together fits with the atmosphere entirely.
Essentially everything that's come out of Grady Drugg has been great. His last release, Untitled, is one of my favorite releases to listen to from a solo-artist. This is an artist that you're going to want to check out, so download this and put it in your ears.

Favorite track(s): Sleepwalking Child // Why I let my Hair Down


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Homesick by Flower face

 //Flower Face||Homesick\\
     1. Bedhead
     2. Blue
     3. Cloud Factory
     4. Quinoa
     5. Linger
     6. Easy
     7. Homesick
     8. Songbird (Sing Me To Sleep)
     9. Bedroom Ghost
     10. Anemia

Available off of Close Quarters Coalition and Ozona Records, Ruby McKinnon's debut release, Homesick, paints a sad, dreamy landscape. Emotion filled, Ruby's voice is set back in the mix, filled with delay, and relaxed. Sweet, soft music accompanies her, leaving behind a mellow feel as each measure passes by. Vocal overlays and differentiating instruments make an interesting feel to the release, taking a step away from the solo act release feel. Song run-times vary and the release as a whole feels like one long release (which normally would be bad, but in this instance seems to fit greatly)  I wouldn't classify this as a lo-fi release, even though that's what it is, because the songs seem to fit the recordings almost better than I've ever heard. And while I'm not the biggest fan of female vocalists, Ruby's voice is like sweet, well, music to my ears.

The songs hold a tinge of innocence to them, yet the lyrics are deep and dark at times, adding an extra layer of thought and feeling to the release. This is the kind of folk/acoustic music that is reminiscent of old fashioned emo music, before everyone decided to mix it with cathartic vocals. Really just sad feeling. I don't know how else to describe it, it's just sad sounding. Something that you should check out, up there with the best acoustic releases I've ever heard (Grady Drugg, June by Roof Doctor).

Get it, without a doubt, get it.

Baby, Make it easy: 
No one's gonna die for you

Favorite song: Cloud Factory


Close Quarters Coalition 

Ozona Records

Defining Regrets by Landon Rawlings

//Defining Regrets||Landon Rawlings\\
1. Fantasy
2. Fire
3. Without You
4. Would you be Impressed (Cover)

Landon Rawlings is a solo artist from Ozark Missouri, and his debut ep, Defining Regrets, is one about a love that he knows will never leave, said love leaving, and him realizing that he misses this lost love. Acoustic songs are what inhabit these four tracks, (aside from the first song) The first few tracks seem to have better production quality than the others, but they are all fairly nice and not lo-fi so if you're against lo-fi acoustic music this would be nice for you to check out.
As far as music goes, I'm going to break this down into a few things: (Two things)
Instrumental stuff
Lyrical stuff/Vocal Stuff

O K So instrumentational thing stuff:
G Chord D Chord C  Chord F Chord
That's probably not exactly the same, but if you know music then you know what i'm talking about. It's simple stuff, the occasional guitar hammer-ons that catch my attention, but overall boring music-wise. It's not that it's bad it's just that it seems like there could have been more. This is a simple release though, and I guess if I try and compare it to some twinkle daddy math rock guitar instrumentation, it's going to fall short. I've just always thought acoustic tracks should put a lot of focus on the only two things being played, and therefor make them not drag on. Luckily, instrumentation is not the main focus of this release.

Lyrically stuff that and vocally stuff:
Alright (Stuff) here's the thing, I'm not the biggest fan of romantic "I love you" songs, which is exactly what the first song is. I used to be back in 7th grade and stuff, but not really anymore. And without you, which has lyrics like a modern baseball song, just seems weird and cliche on an acoustic guitar.
Which isn't to say it's bad.

The release is relaxing, and Landon's vocals are pretty darn good. The songs are repetative, so they can put you into a kind of a trance, and before you know it it's over. And i mean jeez the songs are so cheesy they make me think about girls and loves and stuff like that, so he did what he was trying to do.
I like the release, it's not something that I'd go back to over and over again, but this is something that he can play in coffee shops and show his parents and such and such. I like the idea that he's going with. While not my 'cup of tea', it is something that people should check out if they like folk/acoustic music.
Well done.

Favo song: Without You

Link to his REVERBNATION!!11!!

It our birthday

It our birthday, meaning we've been a website blog machine for one year

Thanks to everyone and all the bands and thanks mom and thanks ozark high school for giving us computers and expecting us to do work on them when we really are just listening to and reviewing music.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Flowers in D-Minor (Nirvana Cover Songs) by Bleed The Pigs

Flowers In D Minor by Bleed The Pigs 
Covers songs:
1. Drowner
2. Endless Nameless. 
Bleed the Pigs
Flowers in D Minor (Nirvana Covers)
Bleed the pigs is a really cool punk/skramz band, and their two song release is their own spin on some Nirvana songs. Female vocalist holds high ends of vocals well, but her lows are p dank too. The release clocks in at over 6 minutes, the first song is not even two and the second is super long as far as punk music goes. The songs still hold some aspects of their Nirvana originals, but not enough to make me think that this is just another nirvana cover band. I used to make fun of bands that do stupid covers from bands that are overdone but the way these guys does it is super cool. Mixing reminds me of old skramzy type recordings, and the constant sound of noise is reminiscent of shoegaze music. This release is a headbanger, and really more along the lines of a novelty. If you don't listen to Nirvana, like me, you won't even know that it's a nirvana cover, because you've probably not heard these two songs. I had to go listen to the original songs just to see how different they would be, and it gave me a new respect for the band.
I think it's cool, and it's nice to see that they didn't go crazy and release a giant record of covers. Also very very nice to see that they put their own spin to the covers. Nothing more upsetting than having to listen to your local band play that same old blink 182 song everytime you get put onto a show with them or something. Anywho, check it out.



Tuesday, November 11, 2014



U got some sludge in u shoegaze 
Cvvstic Vomit, off of Known Pleasure Records. 

Take shoegaze and mix it would some great sludge hardcore music, and that's what you get when you listen to this band. The release is short enough, so it leaves you wanting more and more. Vocals are set back and bass is brought forward, giving out the deepest, darkest sounds you can get. You've got your normal instrumentation, drums, geetar, b(ass) and all of the good stuff. D-beats gallore and that cool rhythm that makes you hardcore mosh into your friend so that he gets really mad and gives you a stern talking to about why you should check before you two step.  There's some audio tracks in all of the songs, but the most apparent ones are in the second and third songs. I don't usually pay attention to these, because too much of these things can be annoying as hell (Free Throw), but the one on the second track fits perfectly, making me cringe just at the sound of it, and the following song makes me want to explode and explode damn well good.
This release is something that makes you frown and furrow your eyebrows while you think about all of those that have wronged you, and what you would do in the pit if you saw these guys live. They're low-down tempo or whatever, but that's sludge music for ya, like it or move on I guess. I'd check this out if you're a fan of heavier music.

Indiana hardcore band Corkscrew "Path To Hell" coming out December 6th


Corkscrew: Path To Hell
Gary, Indiana band Corkscrew is releasing their newest release, Path To Hell on December 6th, and as a teaser to this upcoming badass release, they've let out "LTDBTD" This three minute mosh masterpiece is something that needs to be listened to. Really excited to hear the release when it comes out. Check it out, and be on the lookout.

Corkscrew Fucked My Bitc

(Fuck Corkscrew)

Monday, November 10, 2014

Comp to end homophobia

Saint Louis Record Label
Waybridge Records
Is putting out a comp of indie bands that will be at a "Pay what you want" rate, released on December 9th. All proceeds go to The Point Foundation, a LGBTQ charity, and stickers will also be made to commemorate the comp. This is a great thing to see, local bands and labels getting together and helping a good cause. If you're in a band that wants to be on this comp, you can send the track to
Everyone should do this, being on a compilation is a great way to get your music out there for more people to listen to, and it's a good helper of causes if the money made goes to a charity. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Midwaste by Perfect People

Midwaste by Perfect People
1. Autotuned
2. Cornered
3. Safe Word
4. Kindling
5. Guts
6. Gemini
7. Midwaste

Saint Louis's very own Perfect People's release, Midwaste off of Just Another Day Records. 
Like mostly every hardcore release, she's a headbanger. The seven songs are quick and in our face, these guys don't waste any time telling you how they feel. If you're a fan of hardcore music, you should check this out. If you aren't a fan of hardcore music, you should still check this out. It's nothing that stands out to me exceedingly, the only thing that I keep on coming back for is the beginning song, but I'm sure everyone else can find something that they love about this. It's honestly pretty good.


Favorite Song: Autotuned

Thursday, October 16, 2014


demo 2014 {Lowlife}
1. Born Under a Bad Sign
2. Forced Out
3. Pulled Apart
4. Unchained
5. Torn

417 Midwest Hardcore band Low Life just released Demo 2014, a five track mosh-tastic banger. Low Life features members of 417 hardcore band Blackhole, and if you're a fan of hardcore or metallic hardcore music, this is the release for you. Each song is a little more diabolic than the one previous, and every song on the release is full of greatness. The kinda stuff that you'll fall in love with. One of the best hardcore bands i've listened to in a while, and they're a local, so you'll for sure want to check them out. If you know me, the two things I look for in hardcore music are:
1) Swear Words
2) Two Step Parts
Low Life's Got em
Midwest Hardcore. Get this. Rest in Piece Biggie. 

Favorite song: Born Under a Bad Sign

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bone Bats---Entry-Level

Bone Bats////Entry-Level
this is my pet Jimmy, he's cute.


1) Quarantine the Pabst
2) Cash Bone
3) Ghost Channel
4) Fake Science Monthly
5) Never-ending Sass Equation
6) Weed Jeans (Jazz Cords)
8) Baby, You Can Extend My Metaphor
9) Jesus Could've Gotten Into Any Frat He Wanted To.
10) Selfie Destruct 

#spookymonth anthem right here, skele-ladies and skele-men.

Entry-level was recorded in some west philly basement that was probably lit up by black-wax candles and and bone-torches. Recorded with only the best microphones available from the grave. Melodies are loose and enjoyable, just like the joints in between your bones. Faint traces of influences include bands like, Dinosaur Jr., Smashing Pumpkins, Joyce Manor, and Bats. Bats are probably the pre-bonement version of Bone Bats where they finally realized they can have some fun in their little bat caskets.   

This is you and two of your pals while you guys jam out to Entry-Level. You're all dancing. You're all dead. You've all decomposed down to the bone, but you're all dancing. (Them hips, though.)

WOAH DUDE, watch out for those sp00ky grooves, bud. This album brings us a great deal of ideas and textures from the grave that'll help make your bones rattle. Bone-Jams like Ghost Channel or Weed Jean (jazz cords) will spook ya. Ghosts everywhere. They'll possess you, and rock out to this jam, so if you notice any involuntary movement then you know why. These guys have serious songwriting creativity throughout the entire album, it effortlessly flows in-n-out of different styles to make the songs eccentric and interesting. I wonder how many bones they had to read to come up with these ideas. I super excited for whatever else they decide to conjure up in their spare time. Until then, rest in peace.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014



Free At Last is a totally cool youth crew straight edge mosh-mania band from Springfield Missouri. They just dropped a single from their upcoming release, "What's inside Four Walls", off of Moshers Delight Records. Really nice song, filled with cool two-steppy parts and nice old fashioned *Jumps in air and claps hands* parts. So check it out and be on the look out, I'm excited for this release to come out. 


Free At Last Facebook

Monday, September 22, 2014

Learning not to Care by Secret Stuff

//Learning not to Care|Secret Stuff\\
1. Maybe You Love Me, Maybe You Floridon't
2. You Make Me Touch Your Hands For Stupid Reasons
3. Senior Superlatives
4. Mila Kunis Seems Like A Lot Of Work To Date...
5. Are You Cullan Me A Liar? I Ain't Cullan You A Truther
6. My Life Is A Steinbeck Novel

Super duper emo band Secret Stuff''s super duper emo release, Learning Not To Care, is a super duper six song emo release. Filled with long song titles, twinkly guitar parts, sad lyrics, and at least one audio clip, with this you've got your normal everyday stock twinkle stuff, but with higher production quality. 
Not that being a generic emo band(emo/twinkle((Emo/indie pop))) is a bad thing however. Every band ever has something they can bring to the table. And besides this is a really nice release. Catchy riffs and choruses and super sad stuff makes me keep on coming back to listen to it. Runs times are shorter than your average song, (Or you can look at them as average to the normal 'underground-band' esq song). 
Overall with everything about it being put into account, it's a release you should check out. If you aren't really into emo music because you haven't been exposed to it, this is a great release to start with. If you do like emo music, hey, here's another one. If you hate emo music for no logical reason that you can back up: That's your choice but just so you know you're a dumb.

But I don't hate you, 
I just really wish I did
I would have married you,
Who am I kidding? We're just kids

Favorite Song: "Are You Cullan Me A Liar? I Ain't Cullan You A Truther"

Saturday, September 20, 2014

How Tough Are Yah? by xSPONGExCOREx

//How Tough Are Yah?||xSPONGExCOREx\\
1. G.A.R.Y.
2. So, You Like Kickin' Butts Do Yah?
3. Dubby Dan
4. He Was Number One
5. This is Patrick

Straight out of bikini bottom, Deathcore Straight Edge Band xSPONGExCOREx's first release, How Tough Are Yah? is a release you just can't pass up. Filled with Deathcore breakdowns every fourteen and a half seconds and full of a variety of vocals, this is a really interesting five minutes. Everything in this release screams 8th grade scene kid moshe so check this out, vying for a spot on my top 10 releases of 2014

Favorite Track: "So You Like Kickin' Butts Do Yah?

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Interview with Cory Jensen of Long Drive Records

Long Drive Records, a "DIY" record label based out of Ozark, MO and Randolph, NJ, just signed their first band, CUT YOUR LOSSES, an easycore/metalcore/band-core band from California. I sat down with Cory Jensen and asked him some questions about the label, DIY, and what he's accomplished in the short time his label has existed. 

What inspired you to start a record label and why the name?
Honestly as cliche as it sounds it was something I saw a lot of other people doing... But at the same time something I have thought about doing for a while. Beyond Productions (My promotion Company) was at a standstill due to a lack of places to throw shows and I was looking for another way to contribute to the music scene and a record label just sounded like a cool idea. The name came from a guy that was a part of the label before Dave who turned out to be a huge scumbag. (But that's another story)

So you don't run it all by yourself?
No sir, before starting the label I told myself that I wouldn't do this unless I could find someone equally as passionate about working with bands to spread their craft. I met Dave through his company This Is Pop Punk Productions and saw that was putting out these like 50+ song free compilation albums on bandcamp and working incredibly hard to promote every band on said comp. I guess I just saw a lot of passion and drive in him and thought he was the perfect fit. We also added Carolyn Ambriano to the team to handle all the photography and design stuff. You might have seen her on the past few Firestarter Tours.

What is Long Drive all about?
For me personally I would say our mission Statement would be doing whatever we can as a label to help artists spread their art, whether it be through helping with financial aid all the way to booking a tour or just helping promote your new video.

When you first started the label, in all honesty I laughed at it, thinking it wasn't going to go anywhere. But I'll admit that you've done pretty well so far as a young label. Did you expect it to do this well this soon?
Honestly not at all... I've had the page up for under 6 months and it's more than tripled the amount of likes Beyond Productions has ant hat page has been up since 2011. We've received a ton of support from both bands and lovers of music. It's pretty humbling actually.
And it's ok man I used to laugh at you too and now you're dating Sarah, congrats btw!
Aww Thanks Mane :)

You just signed California (we'll call it easycore) band, Cut Your Losses. It's your first signing, and they're a bigger band. Do you have anything that you'll be releasing soon from them?
We'll be releasing their full length which should be out sometime next year!

What is some criteria a band has to meet to get signed?
Must not be fronted by Adrian Sprague. Haha just kidding of course, but in all seriousness we're looking for bands with a professional sound, appearance, and a set of goals.

Alright bud, what does DIY mean to you, and what should it mean to others?
According to Wikipedia DIY refers to the idea of self-sufficiency through completing tasks without the aid of a paid expert. Being a "DIY" record label the only thing we pay someone else to do is press physical copies of a band's music be it vinyl, tape, or cd and print merch. Everything else is done by one of us. To those of you outside of a label DIY should be about doing things yourself in such a way that gives you a feeling of pride knowing that you were able to complete a task on your own. Honestly I've been so surprised by the things I have achieved on my own just by deciding I was done letting others do everything for me. 

You used to put on shows through the promotion company Beyond Productions, do you think that your experience with that helps you with Long Drive?
Honestly not really, it's a completely different ballgame. The only thing I really gained from Beyond Pro that helped with the label was some connections including Carolyn.

Do you agree that The Greatest Generation is the best The Wonder Years Release?
Disagree, the upsides is.
I think you're dumb then.
It's the only TWY Album I have on vinyl ;)

If you could release a brand new release for one band that currently exists, what band would it be?
Top 5? The Wonder Years, Rotting Out, Turnstile, Mindset, Have Mercy

True or correct: Baja Blast tastes like piss
Well I've never actually consumed my own urine but i'm going to have to go with false. Or neither haha

Firestarter versus For The Win. Pop Punk vs. Easycore in an all out fight to the death, which band comes out on top?
That's a tough one, in a fair fight, I would say firestarter but if it was prison rules, For The Win.

Any other upcoming releases you're allowed to talk about?
We've been talking to one band in particular but haven't heard anything back in a while. Yo Brad if you're reading this holla at yo boi.

That's all of the questions I have, any last words?
Shout out to you for taking an interest in the label and running a killer blog!
Aww thanks man. That means a lot. Thanks for doing the interview.  

The Great American Goodbye by Arkham

//The Great American Goodbye||Arkham\\
1. Mourning in America
2. Youngblood
3. Old Money
4. Skeletal Machinery
5. Kelly Thomas
6. Flag Burner

Post Hardcore/Punk band, Arkham (Chicago) put out this six song release a month or so ago. Skramz/hardcore-style vocals mixed with Post Hardcore singing style/verses/tune, make up the vocals, and as far as music goes, it reminds me of what Defeater would sound like if they took out the lead guitar and tried their hand at low-tempo hardcore. These guys have a lot to say, and with catchy melodic chorus's, such as the one that fits into "Youngblood", their message is driven through.
Music is simple but interesting, drums aren't anything crazy, but they work well. Breakdown-ish measures, and nothing really overly low and deep sounding. The release as a whole has a darker vibe to it, which I really dig, and I didn't truly appreciate this release until the third or fourth time I listened to it. Some pretty good songwriting skills mixed with different influences help show off what this band can do. Check this release out, it's one that I'm really enjoying. I can't wait to see what else these guys can do. Chicago has some pretty darn good bands. That area in general has some really good bands.
Get it.

Favorite track: Youngblood


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Have/Had by Van Gogh Sky

//Have/Had||Van Gogh Sky\\
1. Wisdom Teeth
2. Newbury
3. Head North
4. Plans
                                                     5. Getting By <<SWEAR WORD IN THIS SONG!!!

MATH Florida Math Rock band, Van Gogh Sky's 5 song release, Have/Had, is one that's just full of math stuff so if you like MATH(math pop twinkle) then this is the release for you. This band also shares a member with one of my favorite twinkle/math bands, Hit Home (lol check out the horrible review I did back when I started this blog). 

A brief history of math music:
Humans>Noise>Early tribal songs>Instruments>Million Years>Chuck Berry>Rock>Progressive Rock>Rush makes the song "YYZ">Probably some nerds>Telecasters>Twinkle>Piglet

Vocals are a mixture of strained tenor singing and relaxed talk/singing/noise making. Guitars are all sorts of mathy and twinkly and I bet one of them is either a telecaster or one of the guys here wishes he had a telecaster or maybe I'm wrong(probably). Bass moves around and does it's own thing, sticking with the song of course, but doing better than most band's bassists do. But I mean it would be kind of hard to follow the root notes being played by the guitar when the guitars aren't strumming anything. Drums are cool and I bet the drummer crosses his arms a lot and probably gets tons of babes(Ladies). Or maybe dudes(Male gender people). Idk the world's a wonderful place full of sex and everyone's sexing everyone.

Anyway in all honesty this isn't even that mathy of a release, it's got math aspects but it's more twinkle/alternative emo rock some obscure genre that I could figure out but lets just call it More mathy than normal twinkle music. Genre's are imp0rtant guise


Half of a Good Plan by GIN WAR

//Half of a Good Plan||GIN WAR\\
1. In A Box
2. Honest
3. Wink
4. Disconnected

and i won't sleep a wink 
till you're in my lungs 
and on my breath 
i won't feel alive 
till you're in my life 
i'll be dying

Out through American Scream Records,  New Jersey alternative rock band GIN WAR's four song release, Half of A Good Plan showcases what these guys can do. Radio ready with catchy choruses and instrumentation, GIN WAR plays four solid tracks that you'll have stuck in your head for a while.
Reminds me of a lighter Darker Things by Choir Vandals. 
This band is a lot of fun in my opinion, instrumentation (Four Piece) (Guitar/guitar/drums/bass/vocals/vocals) is well done and relaxing, simple, but good; each person playing off one another and forming a really solid sound. As far as vocals go, Brandon and Mike's vocals are silky smooth, blanketing the top of each song.
There is certainly a pop aspect to this release, the catchy-ness and just the way the singing and guitars sound. Some super catchy riffs guys.  Time wise, this is a shorter release, and when you download it, you get a BONUS TRACK!)!)!?!@!@!@#!!!! wow coool bonus track

Bonus track guys. It's a catchy cool acoustic song so if you like what you hear, download the release and get the BONUS(!!!!!) track while you can. 

Favorite Song: Honest

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Modern Explorations by Modern Explorations

//Modern Explorations||Modern Explorations\\
1. Automata
2. Golf Courses and Jungles
3. Desert Action
4. Gently Rounded, Gently Curved

Corpus Christi, Texas band Modern Explorations plays a progressive/experimental type of rock. Reminds me a lot of Buttons and Mindy, but less mathy and more funky/metal (As far as instrumentation goes). Guitars twinkle around like twinkle guitars are supposed to do, and for once I'll have to say bass is not the most boring instrument to listen to on this release. Bass is really high in the mix, driving the rhythm home throughout the songs. Vocals are high and silky, lyrics are catchy and pop-like. Run times are all around 4 minutes long.
The way these guys play, you'd think they were playing math rock, I really dig the sound of the instrumentation. I've just got to say, Texas has one hell of a music scene. So many amazing bands are from there, hardcore bands and other types alike. I've still yet to hear a bad one out of there. I don't know what's in the water but I want it. The four song release is on Distro from Close Quarters Coalition , so check that label out. Check it out, it's a good release, and I'd like to hear more from them.

Favorite Song: Automata

Interview with Hal Crossno of Work Ethic Records

I got an interview with Hal Crossno from Work Ethic Records, a record label based out of Milwaukee. Hal's a really cool guy who does vocals in Blackhole and plays bass in No ThanksALL of the bands off of Work Ethic are bands that I really enjoy, and Hal puts a lot of time and effort into doing what he does. 

Why did you start a record label?

I've been working with bands and venues since I was around 14, and when I was 17, I started a distro. I had gotten a really nice free webstore, and wanted a central place for people to pick up all the different area music, zines, and merch. After doing that for about a year, my friends in this band called Sardis let me know they were recording a demo. I ask what they were going to do, and they told me they were probably going to put it out on burned cd's and write on them with sharpie and pass them out(as was the custom in 2010). I had gotten fed up with that trend, and proposed that I put the demo out on cassette for them. They thought I was nuts but thought it would be cool to, so I put it out through the distro. So I guess it started out of preference, but all the work in music I've done has been because it's what I legitimately care about. It's the only thing I think is worth investing time and money into.

So, Work Ethic Records used to be Our Block Records, what was the reason for the name switch?

Last year some life happened (I love my girlfriend very much), and ended up moving to Milwaukee. Ourblock was all about the region I was living in (Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Kansas) and only worked with bands from that area. So, it didn't really make sense to have a regional label not living in that region.

Do you run Work Ethic Records by yourself?

Nope! I run it with my good friend and faithful life partner Brandon Smith, who is also the vocalist of NoxThanks, and drummer for Thought Crime.

What are some factors you put into releasing a band's material? What are some criteria a band needs to meet?

Every release has got to have art, lyrics, and a short write up about the subject matter of the record. As for bands, they have to be able to put everything together, and be ready to tour. Our sort of motto at Work Ethic is "We'll work as hard as you do."

If you could release a brand new release for any band in the world that currently exists, who would it be?

Man! To many to count. I would love to put out a flex record. I really dig Obstruct from the UK too, but I have a feeling they're not going to pan out.
Is Outbreak still a band?
I don't know, there are a lot of bands I dig right now, but I don't really want to talk about them...
I'd hate to construe any false hope haha

You play for hardcore band Blackhole, what's your favorite part about being in a band?

Playing home shows. Literally nothing is more cathartic or exhilarating than being in front of friends. Like, out of state shows and tours are great, and there are a few people that care about our band [in] other places, but I feel like our friends care the most. It really means a lot!

Do you think being in a band (Blackhole, No Thanks) helps you make decisions/run Work Ethic?

Definitely! It gives you a lot of perspective about who you're working with. I feel like it would be weird if you started a label and haven't been in a band. I would never ask anyone to do anything I wouldn't be able to do.

I know you've toured around a lot, but is there one particular tour/place that you've been to that you remember and cherish most of all?

Haha, "A Lot". I wish I could tour more. I don't think I really have a favorite. If music is a mistress, then tour is that girl you dated for two weeks, then dumped you but still wanted to be friends, and now you are very distant, but stay pseudo connected online, and may or may not meet again. Like relationships that are so cool, but it's weird having that wonderful experience and then immediately having to leave. Then you have another one, and then leave again. When you tour with another band it's even weirder, because it's like the same thing for a longer stretch of time, but it's still too short. Tour is just an all around surreal experience.

What does DIY mean to you, and what do you think it should mean to other people?
DIY means that I answer to no one. No one can tell me what I can or cannot do in the realm of creation, and there are a few things in my life that I actually have control over. It means that what I make with my hands will always be more valuable to me than anything mass produced, and that no matter what problems I come across in life, I'll be able to overcome them myself. As for other people, eh, that's up to them.

So I've heard a lot of different angles for the entire "Fast Dubbing/Normal Dubbing" debate, and if using fast dubbing reduces sound quality on cassettes. You release A LOT of cassettes (over half of my collection is from Our Block Records), so what is your opinion on the matter?

ALRIGHT TAPE NERDS. High speed dubbing is fine, but you will always cancel out frequencies when you do it. Let me explain: in normal dubbing, the master tape goes onto another tape, at the same speed, at the speed of the music. That means for each tape you make, it takes the length of the  music you are putting on it. 60 min of music = each tape takes an hour. In high speed dubbing, it's the same idea, but both tapes are on fast forward. Both tapes are receiving the same sounds at the same speed, which, in theory, when slowed down to normal speed, should play the sound as if it were dubbed at a lower speed. BUT. it doesn't. See, when you dub at a higher speed, you'll notice the pitch change, and the frequencies of the music go up. You'll be receiving a lot of mid-highs and highs, but not a lot of lows, or most of the mid range. There is a component of most tape decks made for high speed dubbing that is supposed to fix this problem, but I've never heard one that works properly Basically, you end up losing a lot of lows and mid range. Which is why, paired up, there is a lot more static comparatively to normal speed tapes, and they seem more tinny than normally dubbed tapes. I've never put out a release on high speed dubbed tapes. I've probably dubbed over 500 hours worth of tapes in the entirety of doing this.

What inspired you to make a record label?

It's a little embarrassing at this day and age, but in 2006-2011 I was really into Facedown records. Nerding out over that label got me into hardcore. The other labels would be discord and early bridge 9, just because what those guys do. Ian's ethics are great, and the image that Chris wren has with everything is just really cool to me. 

Any releases you're allowed to tell us about that are coming up for Work Ethic?

The new Corkscrew LP PATHWAY TO HELL will be out soon, they're just finishing up recording right now. There may or may not be a release from a new Chicago band down the pipe, and next year a 7" and an LP from two current Work Ethic Bands. That's all the details I can really pass out right now.

What are some things/tips that you'd tell new bands?
Everyone says this but it's true. PRACTICE. At least once a week. If you work on getting better, you will. Don't stop writing, having a back log of riffs and lyrics is really handy, and gives you a better feel for carving out your sound. Play everywhere in a 5 hour radius of your town, even if it's with bands that aren't your style. And most importantly, set realistic goals. Even if they are small! If your band has no direction, it probably wont' go anywhere!

Conditional by Conditional

1. Stability
2. Resistance is Futile
3. Comfort Zone
4. Fire Houses on Fire
5. Reprise
So "Progressive Punk Rock" (Good Pop Punk) band Conditional from Saint Louis just put out this five song self titled release. Songs are quick, to the point, and fast. Vocals are reminiscent of old fashioned pop punk (not this high pitched stuff that everyone makes fun of), bridging over with Title Fight vocals. Guitars/bass is simple pop punk stuff for the majority of the release, with some cool little riff parts thrown around to spice things up. Drums are fast and well played.

"This life is mine so this won't be the end of this game. One rejection doesn't mean that I should quit, but for now, I will take time off to acquire the best version of myself. It's only fair to whomever I'm with, but from time to time, I go back to the basics".

1. Quick, cool twinkly guitar parts
2. Easycore Breakdown!?!?!?!??!?!
3. Cool drumming/bass/Probably crowd calls would happen during this
4. Cool Lyrics/Cool Guitar/Best Song In general/Super Pop Punk
5. Quicker Song/Ambient/I have no idea what I'm doing

Overall, this is some good stuff, so check it out. Missouri music represent. 

Favorite track: Fire Houses On Fire

Growing Pains by Storyteller

//Growing Pains||Storyteller\\
1. Never Was
2. Never Will Be
3. Scars
4. Dead Sleep
5. Heavy Hearts (ft. Osacar Bamaca)
6. Fool's Gold (ft. Mackenzie Colvin)
7. Stand Up, Stand Tall
8. Passive Progression

On Distro from Driftwood Records CDs, Storyteller's 8 song release, Growing Pains, has a lot to be said about. The songs are quick, melodic, and filled with emotion. Combining spoken word vocals with Skramzy-esq/emo vocals, the lyrics take hold of the listener, combining with the emotional and well thought out music to swell and create some actually all around great music. Production is high quality, and instrumentation is mixed perfectly. While the songs meld together, almost seeming to form an entirely new song, there isn't a dull moment. The first song lulls you into a false sense of tranquility, yet immediately casts you into the raw emotion of the rest of the release. The songs rise and fall like a wave, cresting to peaks at certain sections and landing at lows at others. The songs keep moving, driving forward with emotion and head bobbing instrumentation. I'm not usually into bands like this, with the spoken word parts and the melodic hardcore vocals and such, but Storyteller does something amazing with it, making me come back to this release and start it over after every time I finish listening to it. This is a band everyone should check out. 

Favorite Song: "Passive Progression"

Get it here

Storyteller's facebook