Friday, November 14, 2014

Flowers in D-Minor (Nirvana Cover Songs) by Bleed The Pigs

Flowers In D Minor by Bleed The Pigs 
Covers songs:
1. Drowner
2. Endless Nameless. 
Bleed the Pigs
Flowers in D Minor (Nirvana Covers)
Bleed the pigs is a really cool punk/skramz band, and their two song release is their own spin on some Nirvana songs. Female vocalist holds high ends of vocals well, but her lows are p dank too. The release clocks in at over 6 minutes, the first song is not even two and the second is super long as far as punk music goes. The songs still hold some aspects of their Nirvana originals, but not enough to make me think that this is just another nirvana cover band. I used to make fun of bands that do stupid covers from bands that are overdone but the way these guys does it is super cool. Mixing reminds me of old skramzy type recordings, and the constant sound of noise is reminiscent of shoegaze music. This release is a headbanger, and really more along the lines of a novelty. If you don't listen to Nirvana, like me, you won't even know that it's a nirvana cover, because you've probably not heard these two songs. I had to go listen to the original songs just to see how different they would be, and it gave me a new respect for the band.
I think it's cool, and it's nice to see that they didn't go crazy and release a giant record of covers. Also very very nice to see that they put their own spin to the covers. Nothing more upsetting than having to listen to your local band play that same old blink 182 song everytime you get put onto a show with them or something. Anywho, check it out.