Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Homesick by Flower face

 //Flower Face||Homesick\\
     1. Bedhead
     2. Blue
     3. Cloud Factory
     4. Quinoa
     5. Linger
     6. Easy
     7. Homesick
     8. Songbird (Sing Me To Sleep)
     9. Bedroom Ghost
     10. Anemia

Available off of Close Quarters Coalition and Ozona Records, Ruby McKinnon's debut release, Homesick, paints a sad, dreamy landscape. Emotion filled, Ruby's voice is set back in the mix, filled with delay, and relaxed. Sweet, soft music accompanies her, leaving behind a mellow feel as each measure passes by. Vocal overlays and differentiating instruments make an interesting feel to the release, taking a step away from the solo act release feel. Song run-times vary and the release as a whole feels like one long release (which normally would be bad, but in this instance seems to fit greatly)  I wouldn't classify this as a lo-fi release, even though that's what it is, because the songs seem to fit the recordings almost better than I've ever heard. And while I'm not the biggest fan of female vocalists, Ruby's voice is like sweet, well, music to my ears.

The songs hold a tinge of innocence to them, yet the lyrics are deep and dark at times, adding an extra layer of thought and feeling to the release. This is the kind of folk/acoustic music that is reminiscent of old fashioned emo music, before everyone decided to mix it with cathartic vocals. Really just sad feeling. I don't know how else to describe it, it's just sad sounding. Something that you should check out, up there with the best acoustic releases I've ever heard (Grady Drugg, June by Roof Doctor).

Get it, without a doubt, get it.

Baby, Make it easy: 
No one's gonna die for you

Favorite song: Cloud Factory


Close Quarters Coalition 

Ozona Records