Sunday, November 24, 2013

June, by Roof Doctor

June, by Roof Doctor
1. Thanks for the Blankets
2. Dishwasher with a Dishwasher
3. When I was really losing it
4. I think it went quite alright
5. Ocean city May 2011
6. Roof Doctor
7. Losing Matt and leaving school

I found Roof Doctor on Bandcamp by searching Emo music, but the review I'm doing now is of Roof Doctor's release, June, which is not Emo in anyway. June is Roof Doctor's first release, entirely acoustic, guitar and vocals. I feel like this entire album should be something on a "growing up teenager" type of movie, like Juno, or something. The guitar is well done, nothing just "Same for chords every song", and the lyrics are personal and deep. The Vocals are a little nasally , but that's fine because it all fits.  One good thing about this release is that the songs aren't all five or so minutes long, like I've usually seen with this genre. The songs are around 2 minutes long on average, the longest song being Losing Matt and Leaving School, clocking in around 3:16.  Everything about this release screams indie acoustic sadness. The kind of music you listen to after a breakup and cry, which, I think may be the point. It made me a little sad to listen to.
Favorite Track for guitar: Losing Matt and Leaving School
Favorite Track overall: Thanks for the Blankets