Friday, November 29, 2013

Question Master, by Companion

Question Master, by Companion
Companion is a local 417 hardcore band. Question Master was a release of a single track back in 2012. What you've got on the surface is a simple, fast paced track. And while it may be as such, something about it really gets to me. I've essentially had this song on repeat since I heard it, and it's becoming one of my favorite tracks of this year. To me, it's way underplayed. This is a great song. What I think makes it so great, honestly, is the pure emotion that Shane puts into the song. His vocals are done wonderfully; raw, powerful,  angry yet completely sad.
A few words about the drumming: I know i'm not exactly a drummer, but I can tell that in some parts this drumming is fairly simple, but in other parts of the song it's something different entirely, moving the song from behind. This drumming really pleases me in this song, not sure why, maybe if I was a drummer I'd be able to explain, or maybe it's because I'm not a drummer at all that it makes me feel as it does.
A word about the bass: I would hate to pass up the bass lines in this song. Simple, driving, yet there. Stock bass playing but it works with this song greatly. Really comes out in the last parts of the song.
Guitar: Alright as a guitar playing man I can talk about this and know what I'm saying, kinda. Here goes:
The guitar seems like the thing that stands out most in the mix, so it's quite noticeable. What you've got is a driving guitar playing. While it doesn't differentiate much throughout the song on the aspect of chords and stuff, what changes it up to defeat the monotonous chord progressions would be the strumming pattern changes throughout the song. I really like the guitar done in this song, it adds a wonderful air to the song in it's entirety. Especially at the end "breakdown-ish" part.
Vocals/lyrics.  Like I said, raw, powerful, angry yet sad. Shane puts so much emotion into the song. I still listen to it and get chills at the ending part of the song. The first few times I listen to it, and still some times when I'm feeling sad, I almost tear up. It's definitely something. Mad respect for that. Plus, the lyrics are great, amazing in my opinion.
Overall: Damn, it's becoming one of my favorite hardcore tracks of 2013. Even though it was released in 2012. Deal with it. Listen to it. Love it.