Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary EP by Disinterested Handjob

The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary EP by Disinterested Handjob
1. Five rounds rapid (1:19)
2. The Empty Child (:35)
3. Museum Piece (:45)
4. The Executioners (:58)
5. The Universe according to Mavic Chan (:20)
6. The Ballod of Broton and Styggron (1:15)
7. Vashta Nerada (1:13)
8. This Will be Your Only Warning (:51)
9. The Deathsmiths of Goth (1:05)
10. Omnirumour (1:56)
11. Doctor in Distress (2:55)

So I was looking at my band, and decided to see where it ranked on Bandcamp under the "Trock Category"
First off, it did pretty well. Second, "Trock" music is any kind of music relating to the British Television show Doctor Who. (Yes, it's a real thing). This genre usually holds acoustic bands/indie bands/techno bands, with some weird name relating to Doctor Who. When I saw the name Disinterested Handjob as one of the bands under the Trock category, my interest was peaked. 
So for an EP, you'll notice that this release has 11 songs; however, these songs' run times range from 20 seconds to 2:55. 
What you've got yourself some generic Powerviolence songs, but with this strange techno/digital feeling to it. Many of the songs (all of them) have some Doctor Who clip set into the song, and they all surprisingly work. Not sure how much you know about the show, but if it would fancy you to know, they almost all seem to be from the old series. 
The drums are pretty metalcore, the vocals that are from the actual singer are all low and grumbles, absolutely inaudible. Bass is simple, quick to the point, powerviolence bass. Guitar is the same, with a few nicely added riffs, such as at the end of "The Deathsmiths of Goth".
However, if you're looking for some powerviolence, and pop one for anything Doctor Who, than this is the release for you.

Favorite Song: Omnirumour, Doctor in Distress