Monday, December 23, 2013

Stories by Hometown Heroes

Stories, by Hometown Heroes
1. Stories
2. Once In A Blue Moon
3. Sidewalks
4. The Way The Waves Break
5. Second Thoughts

Rising from the ranks of generic/repetitive pop punk is Hometown Heroes, with their release, Stories. I don't know what it is, but this band seems to stick out to me. I'm getting a The Wonder Years vibe, mixed with some emo action. The opening song on this release starts the entire thing off well, moving the release from a slower pace to a high-paced, action filled energy release that keeps going throughout. I could talk about the lead guitar for a while. It's high-played and constantly moving, keeping my attention throughout; very progressive, I'm getting a Vessels feel on the instrumentation. Vocals are sweet sounding to my ears, and production on a whole is nice and very professional sounding. I'd definitely check this release out, it's an amazing one. 

Favorite Track: Stories