Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Songs From Home (Pt. 1) by Hometown Heroes

Songs From Home Pt. 1 by Hometown Heroes
1. Desperate Times (Call For Simple Measures)
2. Once In A Blue Moon
3. Sidewalks

An earlier, all acoustic release by Hometown Heroes, Songs From Home Pt. 1 shows that the band can play acoustically. All pop-punk bands need an acoustic EP, right? These three songs are nicely done, guitar, guitar, vocals, recorded simply in a garage with a condenser mic. Just like in Stories, and in most songs by this band, the lead guitar soars over the rhythm in many parts. This is very much like most acoustic releases by any generic pop-punk band, however, Hometown Heroes does a very good job in making the songs different from one another. 

Favorite Track: Sidewalks