Thursday, December 5, 2013

Vessel by Vessel

Vessel by Vessel
1. I'm Going To Miss This When We're Dead
2. Flight
3. It's Never Too Late
4. Oceans
5. Alexandria
6. High Noon
7. Gentlemen, It's Been An Honor Serving With You

The self titled, full instrumental release by Vessel has left me with a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach. This release is full of emotion, dynamic, and, if you have a little imagination, seems to tell a story through it's music. Each song is so different and dynamic, that each one leaves you with an entirely different feeling.
Guitar is well done, simple in many, if not all parts, but working and progressing throughout the song/ throughout the release. There are some nice riffs, and tremolo is pulled off nicely in some songs, such as Flight.
In all, this 40 odd minute release left me stunned. To me, it was a release about endings. It's an emotional and beautiful release that I'd definitely check out.