Monday, December 16, 2013

Just Ask The Boys by Dirt Nap

Just Ask The Boys by Dirt Nap
1. Bed
2. Tom Cruisin' 
3. Dog
4. Nag Champah (Ft. Hal Crossno of Blackhole)
5. Touch Myself
6. Peg Leg
7. Scabs
8. Clam Hands
9 .Shore
10. Curse of the Comfort
Dirt Nap is a brand new Surf Rock/Punk/Hardcore band from the 417. Dirt Nap is 3/4ths of Dirk Frazel, my favorite local Emo Band, and is pretty much just Ethnic Women, a local band. Dirt Nap has a wonderful surf rock feel to it, and the vocals throughout are very well done. Production is nicely done, very professional sounding, and mixing and mastering was done almost flawlessly. The entire release is a quick one, and something about this release just gets me going. It's more than just the Surf Rock that you'll find lying around on the side of roads, it's something that is really really worth listening to. 
Favorite Track: Nag Champah