Saturday, December 21, 2013

Walk Away EP By Companion

Walk Away EP, by Companion

4.Walk Away
5.Question Master

Companion is another local 417 melodic/emotional hardcore band. Companion's last release was in 2012, with the single, "Question Master", a song that we see a new version at the end of this EP. The amount of growth this band has gone through in this year long period is amazing. Although it may be true that many of the band members are not the same members as when "Question Master" was originally released, it is true that Shane is still the vocalist, and his vocals have developed much more, in my opinion. The lyrical structure of the songs have stayed the same, and the song structures, for the most part, have stayed fairly progressive. What keeps me coming back to Companion has to be the amazing amount of emotion put into each song, you don't see that much anymore, many bands seem to write hollow lyrics and sing/play with no emotion, so it's good to see a band that puts their hearts into their songs.
Drums seem to stand out throughout the songs prominently, bass is well writen and driving, and guitar is very well done. For what seems to me to have been done with lo-fi recording equipment, sound quality is good, however it is still pretty lo-fi. Because of this it seems, guitar seems to be a little sloppy in parts and the cymbal rides seem to overpower many song parts, but that's not to say it doesn't all still sound great.
A word about "Question Master". If you are as huge a fan as I am of the original, you'll appreciate this version of the song. However, I do still like the original better. The band puts a new flair on it, but the changes put into the guitar, and into the vocals/how the song is sung at some parts, seems a little lacking, or quickly thrown together to me.
In all however, this is a wonderful release, and shows so much promise for this band. I can't wait to see them start touring.

Favorite Track: Judges