Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Portraits of Dying by Malon

Portraits of Dying by Malon
1.Socks and Socks and Socks
2. Symphonies in Seashells
3. Shitty Art
4. Drowned in the Caspian Sea
5. A Portrait of Dying
6. Cormorants
7. Pretty Art
8. An Osiria Rose
9. Tree Accidents
Portraits of Dying is the newest release by Malon, an Emo/Skramz/Twinkle band. This release however, is one you can't just place into one category. You have your normal Emo/Twinkle music, you have your Skramz aspects in some places, and you have a Powerviolence aspect in "A Portrait of Dying". The final three tracks switch up the entire release in a strange way, giving a more acoustic feeling, filled with actual singing, and recorded tracks played over the music. The Vocals throughout are well done and the lyrics are something worth deciphering. This release is filled with raw emotion, and is one I'll be listening to for a long time. 
Favorite Track:  Tree Accidents