Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cigarette Regimen, by Grammer

Cigarette Regimen, by Grammer,

1. Cigarette Regimen

Got to see these guys live, and even though they had some technical difficulties with their guitar at the show, they did really good. I really enjoyed the singer's voice. Cigarette Regimen is a good song, and pretty generic Emo music, but that doesn't mean it's bad. They have a guitar riff that kicks in at around the 2 minute mark of the song that is literally music to my ears. I'll be honest and say that there isn't much to this band that I find wrong. Great lyrics to this song so far, listen to it.  It's one of the songs that you should definitely have on your Emo playlist. I hope to see a lot more from these guys soon.I freaking love the riff at the end of the song, and the lyrics kinda speak to me.