Monday, November 25, 2013

imagine like 12 dogs running around on top of you, by Leaky Soups

imagine like 12 dogs running around on top of you, by Leaky Soups
1. jameson (not) lameson
2. i want 300 girlfriends
3. coconut part ii
4. "over the horizon" by samsung

What can I say, I clicked on this band on bandcamp because of the release title. Leaky Soups is some weird indie rock band from Philadelphia that I found under the emo genres on Bandcamp. I can kinda see where emo may come into the songs, like the guitar parts in "i want 300 girlfriends" and such, but the vocals are all clean. Runtimes are all short on this release, the longest tracks tying in at 2:58 between track one and four.
I enjoy the drums and bass lines done on coconut part ii, which is a song that's quite progressive. It starts off slow with a simple uke and vox part, and in it's 2:04 runtime it goes somewhere. In all Leaky Soups is the kind of indie-cute band that you need to already be into, in my opinion. But then again this is coming from a guy in an indie band who hates the fact that he is in an indie band. So I'm kinda prejudice against indie music. I do enjoy the guitar in all of these songs, which does in fact border on Emo. Cullan's vocals are done well throughout the entire release, and did I mention the guitar lines? They're good.
Favorite Track overall: ""over the horizon" by samsung" It has great guitar, drums, bass, everything. And the ending, which, I won't spoil, is perfect.