Thursday, November 21, 2013

Darker Things by Choir Vandals

Choir Vandals- Darker Things

1)Darker Things
2)The House On The Corner
4)An Honest Conversation
5)Freaking Out 
6)Primary Colors

Choir Vandals is an up-and-coming emo/indie band from St.Louis, Mo. They seem more indie than emo, but that is a-okay because they're just so sad and catchy.

Okay, first thing I want to point out is the atmosphere that is set-up on the first song--remains throughout the entire EP, which is awesome. It's such a beautiful atmosphere, dreamy and "longing for old times": this would be something I would play Sunday night to help me get over the fact that Monday's next. And I like the way "The House On The Corner" kind of adds a ghostly-vibe to that dreamy-vibe.

 Next, I want to point out the simplicity of the drums (naturally, because I'm a drummer). It's not a bad simple either--every hit made fits the song--every fill (like the one in the middle of the verse of "An Honest Conversation") just feel so good--keep doing what you're doing. For the guitars, they're giving me a kind of twinkly sound which remains me a lot of Vampire Weekend, and the vocals kind of go with that vibe. The bass lines kind of mirror the rhythm guitar most of the time, but there are some moments where they don't but I can't pick those out right now. As for the vocals and lyrics, his voice is so melancholic and I love it, the lyrics reflect those feelings

My favorite track: An Honest Conversation, The House On The Corner

I mean there really isn't a boring moment on the track, besides the beginning of the first track, which seems to drag on just a little too long for me, but otherwise I'm really impressed by this first release. I can't wait to hear more from Choir Vandals in the future.