Friday, November 22, 2013

S/T by Blackhole

S/T by Blackhole
1. Back Alley Brain Abortion
2. Lost Sight Start A Fight
3. Cornerd
4. Auto-Tuned Existance
5. Homospirituality

Blackhole is a local hardcore band. I'm kind of scared to review this band because to me they are so amazing. One thing about Blackhole that I notice from this release is that there isn't really a dull moment. Another thing is this is the kind of band you get angry to. Some nice guitar riffs in Homospirituality and Back Alley Brain Abortion is great song. The Drumming in the entire album doesn't stick out to me too much, Hal's vocals and the guitar playing sticks out to me most, but maybe that's just because I'm a guitar playing boy. Cornerd, clocking in at 39 seconds, is quite a power violence song, and Blackhole seems to do it quite well.
Favorite track overall: Back Alley Brain Abortion
Blackhole is definitely something you should listen to if you are into hardcore.