Tuesday, November 26, 2013



1)Surf Bitches
2) Lip Curl
3) Grow Old
4) Jacob's Story
5) Ice Cream Dreams
6) Home And Away
7) Joy Revision 

BEST FRIENDS is a Surf-rock band from somewhere in the UK, I don't really remember how I found these guys, but I've fallen in love with this EP nevertheless. I've been getting into a lot of underground stuff the UK has been providing lately, like Nai Harvest or Gnarwolves (which you should check out both of those bands, too) and some other bands off of Art Is Hard Records--which has usually been lo-fi surf bands like this one. But this is BEST FRIENDS first release from 2011, it's also one of the only free ones ;)

So BEST FRIENDS--EP is kind of a dream come true for me, lo-fi, high-energy, sleepy vocals, and short runtimes (which I like longer songs, but not in this style, typically.) and basically shows off some cool guitar leads and nice melodies, all being very surf-y. The guitar just keeps going away at the chords, which really brings out the lo-fi production of this EP. The riffs that bassist bust out are just delicious, which I dig. I mean, besides all the songs being a pretty close to the same tempo, there's nothing bad about this EP.

You need to get this, it's very addictive.

Favorite track: Surf Bitches