Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I Am Going To Die+Dad by Roof Doctor

I'm Going To Die, by Roof Doctor
1. Ocean City
2. Thanks For The Blankets
3. Mark Dog
4. I Am Going To Die
5. Dishwasher with a Dishwasher
6. Family: Mark Do Better
7. Soda Jerk
I'll apologize in advance for the longish review, I had a lot to say about this release.
I recently did a review on June, Roof Doctor's first release, and I wanted to finish up by doing Roof Doctor's other releases. Now, let's have it known June was a completely acoustic release, and I'll tell you what, I was in for a pleasant surprise when "Ocean City" opened up the song with some nice Saxophone and easy guitar playing. What you have returning in I Am Going To Die is a few aspects seen in June. One is that nasally singing voice from Mark Harper. I'm not saying this is a bad thing at all, however. I was talking with Kasey, who also does reviews for this Blog, and he stated that he for one enjoyed these vocals. I for one did grow accustomed to Mark's singing through June. Anyway, for me it was an acquired taste, but I love it. Another thing brought back would be some of the songs from Roof Doctor's first release, June, such as "Thanks For The Blankets" and "Dishwasher with a Dishwasher".
Maybe it was just me because I heard "Thanks For The Blankets" from June, but the addition of the drums, guitars, bass, and sax just made an already great song, so much better. Plus, "Thanks For The Blankets" is one of those songs with lyrics that go with my life right now.
There is definitely an Emo twist to the music this time around, the simple-yet-well done guitar parts adding so much to the songs. The addition of the Sax brings around a Jazz feel, and the drums seem to roll with that in some songs.
Run times are a little longer on this release, but that's not bad in anyway. I had to download and re-listen to this release multiple times because the sweet Jazz and sad emo put me into a trance-like state, making me space out for half of many of the songs. While June seemed like the kind of album that should be the soundtrack to Juno or some other teen-coming of age movie, this seems to me like the kind of album you put on in the background of taking a bath, taking a nap on a summer day, or kissing your girlfriend in a car or whatever. It's chill.
Just going to point out some favorite part. "I Am Going To Die". Alright, sorry, but if you put Gang vocals into the "I love you song" by Barney, I'll freaking love it. I love the addition of Gang Vocals towards the end of "I Am Going to Die", which seems a little repetitive through the entire song, even though it's the good kind of repetitive, like "Imagine" by John Lennon repetitive.
"Soda Jerk" has a quartet kind of thing going on, and, as a choir student/barber shop quartet lover ,this is awesome for me to see. You've got this sick bass singer and tenors and probably alto or sopranos doesn't matter and then there is clapping and it's good okay.
Just going to point out least favorite parts: "Family: Mark Do Better" I can see this is supposed to be a lyric-heavy song, but clocking in at 6:29, it does get a little repetitive. And not exactly in a good way. In a back of the bar Jazz band playing kind of way, still good, but not really an attention grabber. However they tie the song together in the end with a buildup, even if it is a little too late into the song.
In all, yeah. Make out with your girlfriend to this, or something. It's chill. I dig, recommend.
Favorite Track: "Soda Jerk" "I Am Going To Die"
Dad, by Roof Doctor

1. Dad. (Dad is off the upcoming full length release Mobile Freedom Home)

"Dad" was released over 2 years after June, Roof Doctor's first release. If you showed me June Roof Doctor, and "Dad" Roof Doctor, I'd have a hard time realizing they are the same band. "Dad" has a chill Emo aspect to the song, and with the lack of Sax, it's almost like they are heading back to the indie-emo sadnesscore aspect as seen in their first release. Which would be totally fine with me, I loved June. There is a spacey-ish feel to "Dad" the kind you get from an indie band trying to be a shoegaze band, if you know what I mean. I for one enjoy "Dad'. Not my favorite of Roof Doctor's, that would have to be either "Roof Doctor" from June, "Soda Jerk", from I Am Going To Die.  
"Dad", however, is a perfect precursor to what is to come for Roof Doctor, and I for one can't wait to see what Roof Doctor has in store.