Thursday, November 28, 2013

Jake Wesley Rogers--Diamond EP

Jake Wesley Rogers--Diamond EP

1) Jim Dean
2) King
3) Matter Of Time
4) Wonderful
5) Hall Of Fame

Jake Wesley Rogers is a singer/songwriter from Ozark, MO (hey, that's where Adrian and I live.) That really embodies art-pop on basically every level I can think of. This is a well put together first release, that really help Jake push off.

This album starts off with the dance-y, pop tune "James Dean" that kind of reminds of some newer Linkin Park tune up until the verse. Talking about the verse, they're really short on this song, like 8 bars or whatever. Which leads into the pre-chorus, and then Chorus. Which leaves this song into a very common pattern; Intro/verse/pre-chorus/chorus/intro-thing/verse/pre-chorus/chorus/bridge/quiet chorus/chorus/outro that really just the intro again. With a strong emphasis on the Chorus at the end. This is how this entire EP is basically written, but it's the instrumentation and how it flows so well--that is the catcher for me.

The main song of this EP, "Matter Of Time" (basically the one that's pushed the most) starts off with a tribal drum and bass groove, remains that way for the verse and then drops out into some piano chords for the pre-chorus and comes back together for the chorus. Lyrics are kind-of generic for a pop album, but I don't usually care about lyrics, so it doesn't really bother me.

All in all this is actually a solid EP, tight instrumentation, great voice, and a change-up on what's inside the stereotypical pop song.