Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Defining Regrets by Landon Rawlings

//Defining Regrets||Landon Rawlings\\
1. Fantasy
2. Fire
3. Without You
4. Would you be Impressed (Cover)

Landon Rawlings is a solo artist from Ozark Missouri, and his debut ep, Defining Regrets, is one about a love that he knows will never leave, said love leaving, and him realizing that he misses this lost love. Acoustic songs are what inhabit these four tracks, (aside from the first song) The first few tracks seem to have better production quality than the others, but they are all fairly nice and not lo-fi so if you're against lo-fi acoustic music this would be nice for you to check out.
As far as music goes, I'm going to break this down into a few things: (Two things)
Instrumental stuff
Lyrical stuff/Vocal Stuff

O K So instrumentational thing stuff:
G Chord D Chord C  Chord F Chord
That's probably not exactly the same, but if you know music then you know what i'm talking about. It's simple stuff, the occasional guitar hammer-ons that catch my attention, but overall boring music-wise. It's not that it's bad it's just that it seems like there could have been more. This is a simple release though, and I guess if I try and compare it to some twinkle daddy math rock guitar instrumentation, it's going to fall short. I've just always thought acoustic tracks should put a lot of focus on the only two things being played, and therefor make them not drag on. Luckily, instrumentation is not the main focus of this release.

Lyrically stuff that and vocally stuff:
Alright (Stuff) here's the thing, I'm not the biggest fan of romantic "I love you" songs, which is exactly what the first song is. I used to be back in 7th grade and stuff, but not really anymore. And without you, which has lyrics like a modern baseball song, just seems weird and cliche on an acoustic guitar.
Which isn't to say it's bad.

The release is relaxing, and Landon's vocals are pretty darn good. The songs are repetative, so they can put you into a kind of a trance, and before you know it it's over. And i mean jeez the songs are so cheesy they make me think about girls and loves and stuff like that, so he did what he was trying to do.
I like the release, it's not something that I'd go back to over and over again, but this is something that he can play in coffee shops and show his parents and such and such. I like the idea that he's going with. While not my 'cup of tea', it is something that people should check out if they like folk/acoustic music.
Well done.

Favo song: Without You

Link to his REVERBNATION!!11!!