Monday, September 22, 2014

Learning not to Care by Secret Stuff

//Learning not to Care|Secret Stuff\\
1. Maybe You Love Me, Maybe You Floridon't
2. You Make Me Touch Your Hands For Stupid Reasons
3. Senior Superlatives
4. Mila Kunis Seems Like A Lot Of Work To Date...
5. Are You Cullan Me A Liar? I Ain't Cullan You A Truther
6. My Life Is A Steinbeck Novel

Super duper emo band Secret Stuff''s super duper emo release, Learning Not To Care, is a super duper six song emo release. Filled with long song titles, twinkly guitar parts, sad lyrics, and at least one audio clip, with this you've got your normal everyday stock twinkle stuff, but with higher production quality. 
Not that being a generic emo band(emo/twinkle((Emo/indie pop))) is a bad thing however. Every band ever has something they can bring to the table. And besides this is a really nice release. Catchy riffs and choruses and super sad stuff makes me keep on coming back to listen to it. Runs times are shorter than your average song, (Or you can look at them as average to the normal 'underground-band' esq song). 
Overall with everything about it being put into account, it's a release you should check out. If you aren't really into emo music because you haven't been exposed to it, this is a great release to start with. If you do like emo music, hey, here's another one. If you hate emo music for no logical reason that you can back up: That's your choice but just so you know you're a dumb.

But I don't hate you, 
I just really wish I did
I would have married you,
Who am I kidding? We're just kids

Favorite Song: "Are You Cullan Me A Liar? I Ain't Cullan You A Truther"