Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dr.Karate|||Cannon Fodder Tour EP

Cannon Fodder Tour EP| Dr.Karate 

1. Feelings (and how to destroy them)
2. Emperor
3. Where Is My Mind
4. Smokescreen
5. Tom's Slipknot Vinyl

Dr. Karate (Saint Louis, MO), released this five song EP a while ago. Three piece, Drums/Guitar/Guitar, with a cute little lo-fi sound to the entire thing. All three do vocals at one time or another throughout the release. 
Lets get more funky with this sh*$#
    Okay so the first song is good I actually like this a lot, with it's cool part changes and guitar things and wow okay cool. It's actually supposed to be kind of like the intro I guess and all but still I like it a lot more than some of the other songs. The Second song has like that spoken word vibe (Because it's actually spoken word vocals), which I'm not really into, but i'm fine with. What gets me on this song, is that it's so repetitive for the music. I'm guessing that vocals are supposed to be the main point of this song but you can only keep up with the vocals for so long. It's Charlie Chaplin's "The Great Dictator" speech. "Where Is My Mind" is a coolio cover. I just like this song a lot. Catchy chorus and cool vocals and stuff, I like this one. "Tom's Slipknot Vinyl" is a super sadboi song with some skramzy vocals from the drummer. Put this one on a mixed cd boys ;f
   So overall instrumentation wise I feel like the guitar players are doing pretty good, with the lack of bass they don't have that filler in the background but that's never bothered me before. As far as drums go, they're simple overall, nothing interesting, but nothing that just make me cringe. The entire feel of the release has this really ambient-ish-esq-ness feel to it. Super sadboi release. Check it out, you'll probably find something you like from this.

Favorite track: Smokescreen/Tom's Slipknot Vinyl