Sunday, September 14, 2014

Conditional by Conditional

1. Stability
2. Resistance is Futile
3. Comfort Zone
4. Fire Houses on Fire
5. Reprise
So "Progressive Punk Rock" (Good Pop Punk) band Conditional from Saint Louis just put out this five song self titled release. Songs are quick, to the point, and fast. Vocals are reminiscent of old fashioned pop punk (not this high pitched stuff that everyone makes fun of), bridging over with Title Fight vocals. Guitars/bass is simple pop punk stuff for the majority of the release, with some cool little riff parts thrown around to spice things up. Drums are fast and well played.

"This life is mine so this won't be the end of this game. One rejection doesn't mean that I should quit, but for now, I will take time off to acquire the best version of myself. It's only fair to whomever I'm with, but from time to time, I go back to the basics".

1. Quick, cool twinkly guitar parts
2. Easycore Breakdown!?!?!?!??!?!
3. Cool drumming/bass/Probably crowd calls would happen during this
4. Cool Lyrics/Cool Guitar/Best Song In general/Super Pop Punk
5. Quicker Song/Ambient/I have no idea what I'm doing

Overall, this is some good stuff, so check it out. Missouri music represent. 

Favorite track: Fire Houses On Fire