Sunday, September 14, 2014

Oh Just A Few Boys Horsin Around By Dirt Nap

//Oh Just A Few Boys Horsin Around||Dirt Nap\\
1. Jvngle Boys
2. Drunk Snake
3. Tar Pit
4. Birds of Paradise
6. Le Bushes
7. Kiss My Bones
8. Chocolate Covered Ants

THE River Punk cute fvck bois are back with a brand new 8 song release. Recorded on 4/20, released on 9/11, Dirt Nap is a band full of fun. Their first release, Jvst Ask the Boys, is one I still listen to on a regular basis so this second release coming out means a lot. Dirt Nap reminds me of some 1970's garage band (if I listened to 1970's garage band music). Surf rock but with that midwest lovin. As far as production go, this has to be classified as Lo-fi, but it's the professional kinda lo-fi, if you think that's an actual thing.  This release makes me want to get drunk and go to a basement show and do some weird handstands and skank and cut off my right hand and kiss a boy. (If you go to one of their shows you WILL end up kissing a boy). 
Vocals are lethargic and fun, guitars are filled with wacky reverb and distortion, and the drums (Alex Harris) are fun to listen to and as chaotic as the rest of the release.

                                             "Uragggahhhhhhhhhhh ooooohhhhhhh"

Cool sp00ky riffs are filled throughout, and a western rock aspect is definitely seen throughout (Songs like "Chocolate Covered Ants")

Real picture of Dirt Nap coming back

Not sure if Dirt Nap is still a band, I for one thought they were gone for good, their guitarist/vocal man got a cool job at Nickelodeon in California doing something involving snakes and little boys. The release is put out through Rough Beast Records and Frenchkiss Label Group, and they've got 100 really cool tapes. (I overdrew my account buying one). Right now the release costs $420 to download but if you're lucky it will go up. Get it, so worth it. 10/10 would buy.
"This cum tastes like toothpaste"
Favorite Song: "Kiss My Bones!!!"