Sunday, September 14, 2014

Growing Pains by Storyteller

//Growing Pains||Storyteller\\
1. Never Was
2. Never Will Be
3. Scars
4. Dead Sleep
5. Heavy Hearts (ft. Osacar Bamaca)
6. Fool's Gold (ft. Mackenzie Colvin)
7. Stand Up, Stand Tall
8. Passive Progression

On Distro from Driftwood Records CDs, Storyteller's 8 song release, Growing Pains, has a lot to be said about. The songs are quick, melodic, and filled with emotion. Combining spoken word vocals with Skramzy-esq/emo vocals, the lyrics take hold of the listener, combining with the emotional and well thought out music to swell and create some actually all around great music. Production is high quality, and instrumentation is mixed perfectly. While the songs meld together, almost seeming to form an entirely new song, there isn't a dull moment. The first song lulls you into a false sense of tranquility, yet immediately casts you into the raw emotion of the rest of the release. The songs rise and fall like a wave, cresting to peaks at certain sections and landing at lows at others. The songs keep moving, driving forward with emotion and head bobbing instrumentation. I'm not usually into bands like this, with the spoken word parts and the melodic hardcore vocals and such, but Storyteller does something amazing with it, making me come back to this release and start it over after every time I finish listening to it. This is a band everyone should check out. 

Favorite Song: "Passive Progression"

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