Monday, September 1, 2014

Antithought---Life's too Long

Antithought--- Life's too Long

1) Company Man
2) Bring The Plagues
3) King Arthur
4) Lake Thunderbird (FUCK minimum wage and FUCK yuppie FU...)
5) Fucking up is what I do best

(sorry mom)

From St.Louis, MO, I'm here to share with you, Antithought.

Life's way too long when you're bored out of your mind. Want ways to fix this problem?  Put down your school text books, drop out of college and blast this ep through your awful car speakers (because you refuse to/can't maintain your p.o.s 1985 toyota that you stole from your uncle's best friend's car lot in the middle of boon country when you turned 18) while you drive around doing heroin, smoking cigarettes, and attending increasing shady punk rock shows. Life's too Long offers some catchy hooks in a way that reference influences from sic[k] bands like The Casualties, Negative Approach (both that they've opened for in the past year), Bad Brains, and Rancid. 

"So yeah, they're punk, but who cares?" 

Here's the thing, you poser. This ep is spot on, you don't even have to think about it. The first track comes out as a punch in the face and doesn't wait for you to get back up. This whole ep is as energetic as you were that time when that guy pulled a knife on you because he thought you stole his cocaine. YEAH. Serious shit going on here, bud. While maintaining a very relatable theme in the lyrics throughout the entire time. Wise words about: 1) Everybody thinks I'm worthless 2) fuck everybody with authority 3) Working sucks 4) girls. You know, things a punk can get jiggy with. 

In all seriousness, this ep rocks. I'm looking forward to whatever else these guys put out next. (If they plan on living that long.)