Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bone Bats---Entry-Level

Bone Bats////Entry-Level
this is my pet Jimmy, he's cute.


1) Quarantine the Pabst
2) Cash Bone
3) Ghost Channel
4) Fake Science Monthly
5) Never-ending Sass Equation
6) Weed Jeans (Jazz Cords)
8) Baby, You Can Extend My Metaphor
9) Jesus Could've Gotten Into Any Frat He Wanted To.
10) Selfie Destruct 

#spookymonth anthem right here, skele-ladies and skele-men.

Entry-level was recorded in some west philly basement that was probably lit up by black-wax candles and and bone-torches. Recorded with only the best microphones available from the grave. Melodies are loose and enjoyable, just like the joints in between your bones. Faint traces of influences include bands like, Dinosaur Jr., Smashing Pumpkins, Joyce Manor, and Bats. Bats are probably the pre-bonement version of Bone Bats where they finally realized they can have some fun in their little bat caskets.   

This is you and two of your pals while you guys jam out to Entry-Level. You're all dancing. You're all dead. You've all decomposed down to the bone, but you're all dancing. (Them hips, though.)

WOAH DUDE, watch out for those sp00ky grooves, bud. This album brings us a great deal of ideas and textures from the grave that'll help make your bones rattle. Bone-Jams like Ghost Channel or Weed Jean (jazz cords) will spook ya. Ghosts everywhere. They'll possess you, and rock out to this jam, so if you notice any involuntary movement then you know why. These guys have serious songwriting creativity throughout the entire album, it effortlessly flows in-n-out of different styles to make the songs eccentric and interesting. I wonder how many bones they had to read to come up with these ideas. I super excited for whatever else they decide to conjure up in their spare time. Until then, rest in peace.